I know Bob Costas is an Olympic icon, but could someone please pull him aside and mention to him that dyeing his entire head dark brown while leaving his sideburns gray isn't a good look? Enough.

Enough of the gross Chinese food, mainly the ever popular scorpion-on-a-stick. Every G.D. reporter on TV has brought this to our attention. They pick it up pull a face then gingerly take a bite, pull another horrific face then exclaim "scorpion on a stick!." WE GET IT, it's disgusting. Luckily we got to see Bob Costas holding one too, maybe someone should give one to M. Phelps after one of his races. Hilarious.

Enough of China pretending all their gymnasts are 16 or older. Look at some of these girls, not even a pre training bra would be necessary. I think the one of the end just learned how to color inside the lines.

There has not been enough panda stories. I have seen one, it was done by a middle aged reporter apathetically going through her reporter motions. She was very bored about the entire segment, the shot of her holding one? She might as well have held a sack of onions. Here is how the interview went: (standing next to pen of baby pandas)

Panda Keeper: We have the most successful births of pandas in the world.
Reporter: Umm do they eat anything weird?
PK: No, mainly bamboo is their entire diet.
R: (bored) Oh, well do they eat scorpion on a stick?
PK: No (confused).
R: Do they eat fish heads with eyes, marinating in cow urine?
PK: Ummm no, but would you like to hold one?
R: Might as well since I'm here. (he places a panda in her arms) kinda heavy aren't they?
End segment.

Thank God the cuddly panda only got a few seconds air time so we could get back to gross Chinese food and her pulling a face as she sampled Sheep Head on a stick.


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Chris said...

That panda ignoring reporter is Mary Carillo, who is queen of "OMG ISN'T CHINA AND WHAT THEY EAT SOOOOO WEIIIIRRRDDDD OMG!" They need to stick her back in the tennis commentating, where she belongs. She also sang "I'm a little teapot" when she was in a fancy tea house. Enough of Mary Carillo.
And those little toddler Chinese girls and their glamorous pastel eyeshadows aren't fooling anyone. Jeez.
I want to roll around in that group of pandas.
LMAO, I'll bet Michael would eat that scorpion on a stick just to shut Mary up. Maybe they can hang a gold scorpion on a stick around his neck. I'll bet he wouldn't even notice at this point.

allicat said...

Thank heaven I've missed all this talk of the food. I love a good human interest story but sounds like Mary should be banished to covering sports.

I used to really like Bob Costas but have lost a lot of respect for him and his rudeness. I was appalled at this comments at the 2002 Winter Olympics as we were watching the group "Anti Gravity" perform amazingly before a medal ceremony. It was so cool - and the group consists of athletes and former olympians.

Bob kept saying stuff like "I hope they don't do this before all the ceremonies" and "wow, we're close to vegas - if seigfried and roy come out next i don't know what i'll do." It was just rude and arrogant.

I've heard him use that tone a few times in China and I wanted to slap him.

allicat said...

Michaeal Phelps unusual diet...


Erica said...

"Not enough pandas" is pretty much my overall complaint about life in general.