Fatness Without Borders

I explained to Fatness in my most pleasant cat voice "you are overdue for your glamour shots." He turned on his paw and gave me his back, "he didn't feel up to it."


I explained that I would set up his favorite fan and we could try some blowing fur shots. He slowly agreed, only after I promised 2 hours of the PBS Special "Sarah Brightman in Vienna" for his solitary viewing. I also had to promise to no unflattering belly poses.


I requested he stand up, he requested Tim leave his shot.


He told me to lose the Lil Wayne CD and give him some sweet Rihanna.


He loves him some Rihanna.


"Take A Bow" is his favorite.


He said he was done and ready for his favorite treat of peanuts and tuna pieces.


I asked for one last pose, he said to "shut it" and get his video cued up.


KmS said...

I don't think I've ever seen such a fat cat look so beautiful! I think there should be more post of this nature! You could make a whole new weekly segment called 'fashion shoots with Fatness'!

I would like to also request that next time you dress him up! That would be pretty. =)

Aunt Fatty said...

kms, don't encourage her...she needs none.

:) :)

-Fatty's proud Auntie

Michelle said...

kms: I agree, one can never go wrong with more posts of Fatness.

Proud Auntie needs to shut it.

allicat said...

Fatness needs his own calendar!

Ashley Rae said...

LOL. Fatness is absolutely beautiful. And such a good model.