I own a new mattress. We had been sleeping on basically a wobbly piece of thick bologna with a few wire springs. I was waking to a sore back every morning and waking during the night, believing I was inside a moon crater. I would sleepily climb my way out, clinging to the sides of the so-called mattress and hang on till morning. Tim weighing in at 190 never noticed this phenomenon, he just slept in the crater. Why can men sleep well under any circumstances? I could prepare him a bed of thumbtacks and scorpions and he would sleep a solid 9 hours.

I informed Timothy “now that we have a proper mattress, I will need entirely new sheets and bedspread” and he agreed because he should. Tim picked out the bedspread and pillows. I was leaning towards a ghastly burgundy cottony tent-material comforter, when he pointed me towards this lovely set. Sometimes I’m not very good at decorating. Good thing we have a comforter worthy of an Alaskan winter, because it’s freezing in Phoenix. I give you my new bedding and mattress.

Please ignore the green wall, it will soon be painted a soft buttery beige.


allicat said...

What a restful looking room. Good thing you had tim with you. Not sure I could have coped with burgandy against those walls. Is this what BYU design school teaches you? You really should have gone to the U of U : )

I'd be interested in seeing a video of tim trying to sleep on a bed of thumbtacks and scorpions.....

Michelle said...

My favorite part of BYU design school, were all my gay professors trying to act straight so they wouldn't lose their jobs.

I would have loved to go to U OF U but my dad FORBADE it.

Chris said...

He forbade it because they only teach you to decorate in RED, like the DEVIL'S SUCCUBUS.

Pretty bedspread!

call me said...

Beautiful! I could never make my bed look like that, my duvet cover goes where it wants.