It's Someone's Birthday!

08-19-2008 06;11;06AM

Erica is 24 today.
These are a few reasons why I love her so much:

She concisely put things into perspective.

She always is put together.

That she has every word memorized from every song in “Little Mermaid” and needs little urging to sing them.

She loves cats.


How she pulls a horrified face looking down at the weight scales that read 106.

She can make me laugh in 3 words or less.

08-19-2008 06;10;02AM

She is addicted to pop culture as much as I am.

The simple way she turns everything classy.

Her deep devotion for Daniel Craig and Clive Owen.

How she cares for Zach.

How her weight loss diet consists of 2 Diet Cokes, 1 miniature Snicker bar and 2 cups of air.

Her empathy. Her thoughtfulness. Her grace. Her warmth.

How she must have her Diet Coke prepared with the “good ice” and sliced lime wedges, and has trained me to make them just so.

08-19-2008 06;08;29AM

How she agrees with me when I tell her “you know your first child will be mine.”

How competitive she is during games.

Her self assurance.

How she loves a good theme party.

How easy it was for her to excel in school and graduate from college with honors.

I love you dear sweet daughter, and am still amazed as I watch you navigate through life without a misstep. Happy Birthday Erica, thank you for enlightening my life for 24 years.



Chris said...

Awwww all of that is so true, I can't think of one thing to add to that list. Love you, Caca.

call me said...

So sweet Michelle. You said it all perfectly and you really did raise an amazing daughter. Happy Birthday Gutt!

call me said...
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Kristin said...

Happy birthday, Erica. Michelle, can you even imagine your life without her? You have such a great relationship; you're both very lucky.

Erica said...

Thanks mom! I love you. I'm trying on all my cute stuff from you right now!

allicat said...

That first picture of her is the way I remember her - about the age when Ashley & I came for a visit. So, so cute and we had such fun.

Don't know more more could possibly be added - you've said it all, Michelle.

Happy Birthday Erica!

Michelle said...

The birthday night was perfect. The waiters made Erica wear a big tacky sombrero and hold a brightly painted ukulele as they serenaded her, then we lit all 24 candles on her cake and sang loudly again. She was mortified.

Jason and Kristy said...

Thank you for bringing her into the world. Seriously life would be pretty boring without our little Erica.