Twilight etc.

I have resisted reading it because A. it's young adult and B. it seemed like mashed potatoes (a lot of filler). I finished the book yesterday. It was a good story but I don't understand all the hoopla, I wish Meyer would have written an adult novel, I think it could have been so much more. I suppose we all want an "Edward" in our life, a protector and a man that doesn't sleep, can order a meal but never eats, open our door and watch us while we sleep, never asking for sex. I do believe Meyer created the perfect man.

I saw this last night. My first thought was "how in hell am I going to be able to watch Meryl Streep singing in overalls and hair extensions for 2 hours," and then it did start to improve. Her friends showed up and a lot of cute guys. The film actually caught me by surprise, it was quite heartwarming. In fact in one scene M. Streep is helping her daughter dress for her wedding and she is painting her toenails and combing her hair, all the while singing about watching her walk to school and wondering why they didn't do all the things she had promised they would. I was an effing MESS, sobbing in my seat. Yes, of course I was thinking of Erica.

This is my new purchase. I love this area rug.


Chris said...

Where'd you get that cute rug?? Love it. I must admit I want to see Mama Mia, you just can't go wrong with Meryl. You can't. I was bawling like that during 'Fiddler' when he was singing about all his girls getting married and you see them all dancing together behind him in that cute little ring-around-the-rosies circle. BAWLING.

Glad you liked Twilight. It's nice and fluffy for summer reading. Her adult novel ('Host') reads like YA as well, but you would like it, it reminds me of Asimov just a little.

allicat said...

I have been *contemplating* reading Twighlight, only because I'm going to be spending a couple of days (this next weekend) out on the Olympic Peninsula - including a night in Forks. Haven't found time to find the book yet, so don't know if it will happen or not. But looking forward to the getaway (with Brandon & his little family).

I really want to see Mama Mia, but have not yet found the time to do so.... I will make the time now after your review. Wish Ashley were here to see it with me : )

I love your rug!

Michelle said...

The rug was purchased at Target, it's all wool and shedding quite a bit which is annoying me beyond belief.

Twilight is VERRA fluffy. I just wish she would write DEEPER more adult. Alli take a lot of pictures of Forks, what a fun trip! You will enjoy the book but remember it's for YOUNG adults.

EEK said...

Feeling a bit A.D.D. today? From Twilight to Meryl to rug????

I guess I'm the only person on earth that like, totally loathed Twilight ... I kept hoping someone would just bite Bella or at least stab her in the neck with a fork.

Problem: Teenage girls all over the modern world are now thinking they can leave their spacey mom, move in with dad who gives them funky/cool wheels and them leaves them alone, attend a new high school where you are suddenly both beautiful and popular, oh, and then there is the part about the creepy pale guy who keeps telling you (over, and over, and over again) how your oder makes him want to suck the blood out of you. (but he won't because he is a politically correct vampire). DOUBLE YIKES... But I've got to admit, if done right, it will make a good chick flick; with enough vampire=kicking=vampire=aorta and fire to bring the guys on board (all boys love fire ... especially the torching of a dance studio).

I sorry if you like the book ... bite me.