Top 10

I’m a sucker for any kind of top 10 lists, you can find them on the front of every beauty magazine that exists. “Top ten ways to tell if a guy is cheating” “Top 10 ways to hide your thighs” “Top 10 Hollywood hunks” “Top 10 ways to tell if your boyfriend is a big fat liar” it never ends and I read every single one. Here is my top 10 list: “Phrases or words that annoy me”

10. Represent

9. No you didnn

8. Just chillin

7. The brethren

6. Crocs (ok it’s not a phrase, I just hate the shoes, especially when middle
aged anyone wears them)

5. Va-jayjay

4. Oh my frak, oh my heck

3. That’s hot

2. Baby daddy

1. Staycation


KmS said...

I am going to have to agree with everything on that list (other than maybe va-jayjay, because I think it's funny) as being annoying. Have you ever noticed that many of these things are worse in the blogging world than they are in life? People always use stupid words when they are blogging.

You have now inspired me to pay more attention to top 10 lists...I don't think I read them enough. Thank you!

allicat said...

These are all highly annoying.

I'd also have to add:

Nuculur (as said by GWBush). The word is Nuclear, you moron!!!

Forward this email to everyone you know!

And any phrase that uses god/religion to justify why your prejudice/ignorance/hatred/discrimination is justified.

Chris said...

What the frak (LOL sorry) is a 'staycation'? I agree with kms that the blogging world has some incredibly annoying words and phrases. I hate all the LOLCat speak "Can I haz a cheezburger" and all that shite. Speak English and spell it right for the love of God. And also people that constantly say "I am made of dumb" or "that is made of awesome" Oh Lord, I can't stand that. Just say "It's awesome" and be done with it. People think they are sooooo cleverrrrr.

EEK said...

Chris took the words out of my mouth! Frak, Frak, Frak...
A staycation is when you take vacation but you're too broke or (in my husband's case) too cheap to go anywhere. Staycation is okay if everyone else leaves and I get to stay home alone.

Ashley Rae said...

Oh man.. Va-jayjay. Terrible.