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I love pictures, here are a few of my favorites, some are difficult to put into words, others are obvious, like this first one.

It was summertime in Salt Lake and we were at my brother's house. Griffin spotted the overweight "Banjo" and hefted him up. The sky was a perfect blue and Griffin is absolutely delighted to be holding a 35 lb cat.
07-06-2008 06;25;40PM

It was the first time Griffin had jet skied and he thought he was bad ass. He posed himself.
07-06-2008 06;24;15PM

Erica had just gotten her braces removed, and was very happy. This was the first pic taken. I love her upturned hair.
No braces!

This pic was taken on Griffin's 3rd birthday. The reason I love it, is because Erica in her "motherly" love for Griffin was instructing him on when, where and how to open his presents. He would barely get one opened and she would pounce on it, tossing it aside and hand him another one. The odd thing was, he accepted this from her, and not just at this birthday...it was their dynamic...Erica, teacher-Griffin, student, like it or not.
May 1991

My grandpa and I had dug up worms under his cherry trees, packed our cheese sandwiches and drove "up to the canyon" to fish, I was 6 and followed my grandpa around like a puppy. When I spent the night, he was up before me making me "pannycakes" and his toxic concoction of orange juice with wheatgerm. He took this pic of me and labeled it "Chellie 1st fish-67."
07-06-2008 06;28;59PM

This is my sister and I standing in a lake, I have no idea what lake. I was 8 years old. This picture just makes me feel good when I look at it, like summertime, childhood, carefree, and our hair is blowing. I love it.
07-06-2008 06;27;47PM

I love her sunglasses pulling back her sun-highlighted hair, and her beautiful expression. This is Erica, animated, excited...beautiful.
07-06-2008 06;33;45PM

This is my mother in the backyard of the Arizona Holbrook Mission. At first she didn't want to swing, but gave in. My sister Chris was pushing her, and she was laughing laughing laughing. This is how I like to think of her, free from canes and wheelchairs and happy.
Holbrook Mission

Tim and I went to Hawaii for his 50th birthday last year, he had never been. When we checked into our hotel I asked the lady for a room with a view. We were on the top floor, I walked out onto the balcony and gasped, this was the shot.


Ashley Rae said...

I love looking at old pictures... they can be so refreshing. I love the Hawaii picture. Those pictures of Erica and Griff are really cute :) They're all just great pictures. Thanks for posting them.

Chris said...

I love all of those pictures! That one of Mom on the swing is a favorite of mine as well. Those were her happiest times, without a doubt. And I thought that Hawaii shot was a postcard, seriously.
You going fishing with G. Nelson=priceless...and that pic of you and Jeri is too.
I'm lost in nostalgia. :)