I have been watching the Olympic trials, a lot. I'm always amazed at these athletes and their non-human work out ethics and let's be honest, their bodies. As I'm laying on my favorite sofa with my current US Magazine and snacks and feet propped up, I began to ponder what perfection really is, at least in my opinion.

Perfect is a chilled tumbler, holding chewy ice, a freshly cut lemon wedge, pouring icy Diet Coke down over it all. It should be blessed and served at sacrament meetings in tiny cups.

Perfect is white white white clean sheets.

Perfect is Tim agreeing to see a chick movie with a lot of rain and crying in it, and finding a seat in the middle of the theatre with no one in front of me.

Perfect is new towels, made of Egyptian cotton.

Perfect is a sleeping cat or baby.

Perfect is Hello Kitty.

Perfect is laying on my bed with HGTV on in the background, 2 pillows propped, reading a book, and Fatness at my feet.

Perfect is Turtles. The blend of pecans, caramel and chocolate is holier than the Godhead.

Perfect is hydrangeas. Purple-blue.


Chris said...

White sheets and towels don't stay perfectly white very long, it makes me angry. And other than Pepsi One being superior to Diet Coke, a resounding yessss to all the other items on the list. I love hydrangeas!! They don't grow for shite here.

Michelle said...

Editors note: The classic Hello Kitty backpack is modeled by Camille aka "The Sween"

Allicat said...

White white white clean sheets are perfect - as long as someone else is responsible for keeping them that way. I've ended up opting for brick red sheets, as it is more forgiving with it's color. Not so perfect, but liveable : )

Really, is there anything more perfect than a sleeping baby?

Speaking of HGTV, why the heck is Tracee still doing on Design Star?

Michelle said...

I don't know why Tracee is still on! I love that show.

Pepsi One runs a close 2nd to D.C.

I own off white sheets.

Ashley Rae said...

You have described perfection to a T. I love the sleeping cats and babies.