I saw an averaged aged woman in the break room this morning, she was standing at the microwave, rocking the mom jean. The high waisted denim pant that comes to a severe tight ankle and makes an ass look like a garage door. My question is, why are women still wearing these?


Ashley Rae said...

LOL- I've never understood it, either. I don't know why they were ever in style in the first place. They are SO not flattering. Please shoot me if I ever wear a pair of those.

KmS said...

Dear Tartraz's Mamasita -

I couldn't agree more! They are quite possibly the worst thing about living in Utah.... you see them everywhere you go, and no one is willing to give them up! Why? I guess we will never know.

P.s. You are hilarious, and you have raised a hilarious daughter to follow in your footsteps! Good work! Keep up the funnies. =)

Yours Truly -
A Total Stranger

Chris said...

Because quality clothiers such as Faded Glory and L.L. Bean keep manufacturing them and they are cheap. These are the women that stick with what they know.

Unlike us, of course, that rock the low rise, pencil-legged leather pants with a halter top. :)

Erica said...

Have you ever seen the mom jean commercial on SNL, so funny

Allicat said...

Want to know something really sad? I think I may be wearing a pair of these right now.

How much extra fabric at the ankle must there be for me to escape the forthcoming ridicule? I will measure and report.

EEK said...

Those three look like wax figures in a Haunted House...reasons for wearing the same jeans forever: 1) cheap husband 2) don't get out much-that includes the hairdresser obviously 3) They put them on, their ankles swell and they can't get them off.

Getting old sucks!

Kristin said...

I have firmly resisted the wide bottomed pant that is now popular -- my daughter loves them, I hate them -- perhaps because I lived through bell bottoms in the 70's.

I think Chris hit it on the head -- as for me, when I was young and relatively slim and cute, this was the style, and dang it -- I looked good in it. And its what became familiar. Sadly, I am no longer young and slim.

I recently saw a picture of me in those awful stretch knit pants I wore in the early 90s after I had J'Neil and was too large to fit in to my pre-pregnancy clothes. Oh, what a horrible site. I was mortified. Enormous butt and thighs tapered down to form fitting ankles. Allison, why did you let me wear those things!!!

This has prompted me recently to abandon the familiar jeans style in favor of one that has a low, low waist and a leg of "compromise". It's straight and loose. I just can't bring myself to wear those wide bottoms that look like I might be hiding a cat at my feet.

It is very difficult for me (and I think Allison as well) to find well fitting clothes because I am so "petite". No, not in the commonly used and pleasant definition - Michelle is that kind of petite. The kind I mean is the "no distance between the natural waist and the nether region" type. My torso is so short I could nearly pull most pants up to fit just under my bra... (Remember Ed Grimly?) I have to buy very low rise jeans which will fit me just about an inch above my belly button.

Trying to fit such LARGE women of those proportions into anything stylish is challenge even Carson of Queer Eye would hesitate to take on.

allicat said...

LOL to hiding a cat in the pant leg...

I'm afraid, Kristin, I've never been very fashion critical. I'll try to be better and let you know if you've crossed a line : ) Will you please do likewise?

I feel so very unfashionable at my current size, and frankly am glad I work from home and can wear whatever I want to the office. Or nothing at all (which sometimes happens if I get distracted by emails before I have a chance to throw on attire....)

Michelle said...

Kristin, you make me laugh. "A waist and leg of compromise"