Poly Blend

Tim and I were driving home from Prescott last Sunday when he said something that chilled me to my bones. I was minding my own business watching my “Friday Night Lights” 2nd season DVD on my portable player when Tim glanced over at me and said without humor, “what are you doing, wearing your mom’s shirt?” I gave it a 2 Mississippi while I took this all in, then I told him to “shut it.” I tried to go back to my football players but couldn’t concentrate anymore, so instead I did a mental checklist of what constitutes a “mom shirt.”

Poly/cotton blend, check.

Ugly flowery pattern, check.

Sensible neckline, check.

JC Penney purchase, check.

Erica would hate it, check.

Apparently the mom math had added up, making Tim correct. When I got home I tried calming my nerves with 2 rails of Skittle dust snorted through a bendy straw and reading my US Weekly, but I was still unsettled. I went upstairs and flung my mom shirt to the floor and found a shirt Erica would approve of. Tim had ruined my Sunday and not in the same way a 3 hour block of LDS church used to either, no he reminded me that I was beginning that slow metamorphosis into my mother, who by the way, never met a polyester she didn’t love.

I give you the accused:



Chris said...

That comment burnnnnsssss...Timothy probably had no idea how that cut to the bone! That is not my favorite shirt of yours but it's not THAT bad, jeez. Like Tim is a paragon of fashion!

Erica said...

I am glad Tim did the dirty work for me.

allicat said...

Tim should know better.....

Not my favorite shirt either - but I have no room to talk considering I'm wearing jeans that narrow at the ankle (though considering my shape, if they didn't narrow a bit they'd look like leg wings.....)

call me said...

Lol, I love that Chris and Allison both said "not my favorite", lol. I was expecting something more offensive, and was pleasantly surprised.

Ashley Rae said...

I, personally, would not wear it. And of course that means it's not fashionably acceptable. I'm surprised Tim caught that, though... good job, Tim.

(It's really not that bad, Michelle.) :)