What I am loving

My fresh issue of Vanity Fair, with an amazing article on Ms. Jolie.

Anticipating "The Dark Knight" starring the delicious C. Bale.

Carpooling. I'm loving this. I can sit back and let my carpool buddy hassle with ass-hole drivers.


The heat index is rising.

That all I have to watch is "The Bachelorette" and I'm actually getting emotional during the show and frustrated because she won't get rid of Twilly!

Day 10 of this. Last night ME: "Tim, when are you going to fix our toilet?" TIM: "I'm going to call a plumber."


Chris said...

I cannot believe she dumped that cute high school coach before Twilley. Good Lord, does the woman possess eyes?? Why do I care so much? Sigh.

Allicat said...

Ms. Jolie looks radiant.

It's been unseasonably chilly here the past week or so....which, of course, I am loving.

Possible alternatives to the torture of the bachelorette:

HGTV "Design Star" is just starting a new season this week...

Also, I just discovered Morgan Spurlock is back with another season of 30 Days on FX....

Michelle said...

Oh yes Design Star! Starting Sunday I believe.

Ashley Rae said...

Yay for Batman!! I am in love with Christian Bale. I don't even try to hide it from Justin. Drool runs down my chin every time I watch Batman Begins or the Prestige.

And wow- that's a new look for Jolie- she looks beautiful. I really like her. But not in the way I like Christian.

Allicat said...

Any progress on the toilet?