I heart San Diego


I have been frolicking in 69 degree weather for the past 4 days. We stayed with Brad & Denton, which is basically staying at the Hyatt. Our trip started off on the wrong foot. It was around Gila Bend when I glanced over to see this:
Tim wearing female sun glasses. I pointed this little fact out and got "it doesn't matter."

I was greeted in San Diego with fresh flowers in my room, a private marble bathroom, down comforter, stunning views and a plate of freshly made snacks.

I proclaimed to Timothy there would BE a zoo visit this trip. We got there early to avoid the panda viewing lines. I was hoping out loud and repeating many times much to Tim's annoyance "the pandas should be awake, I'm sure they will be awake, it's early so they ought to be awake."

We were forewarned many times to keep quiet lest we upset them.

I just knew they would be up and rolling around, chasing their baby up a tree.

ummm, he didn't move from this position for 4 hours, I know because I went back 4 hours later.

Here is the view of the female, she also was in a vegetative state...good thing we were all obeying those signs.

Surely the baby will be up and about.

The highlights of the zoo were not the fat lazy disappointing stupid pandas, but the gorillas. They apologized for the enormous entry fee and also the irritating bus tour announcer and gave us quite a show. The babies were frolicking and the parents were awake and thanked us for coming.

Off to the koala's! YES, I love them. The annoying guide made sure we understood they were MAR SU PIALS not BEARS.
Another bad stroke of luck. This little guy apparently had been stuffed and perched up there, because again, he NEVER EVER moved. Walking out of the electrifying koala exhibit Tim said "he didn't blink his eyes for 15 minutes."

I knew one breed would NOT disappoint, after all they are the royalty of the animal kingdom.


I told Tim I was going back to the pandas for one last hopeful viewing. Maybe just maybe they were looking like one of the many pictures taken of them, you know, alive.

Nope. Nope and nope.

Oh ya, happy 7 years sweety.


Your grumpy-ass sister said...

I just wish once someone would ignore those dumb signs and go running and screaming through the panda exhibit. Like those fatbutts would even notice anyway.

Looks like you had loads of fun, I am jealous.

acaseofcot said...

I love the San Diego Zoo, I have a special love for the polar bears but you got to catch them in the morning also. Great post, it brought me back. And thanks for the John Mayer relationship advice from last week.

allicat said...

So where did Tim find his fashionable sunglasses? He really pulled them off : )

Seattle Zoo is pretty good, but San Diego Zoo is the best. Though it really would be nice of the damn pandas gave a crap about entertaining the masses. Or, if not the masses, at least YOU! Thank heaven for the gorillas.

I want a weekend at the Brad & Denton Hyatt.... I hear Denton makes a mean flower arrangement. I don't suppose they'd be willing to host a girls getaway weekend : )

Michelle said...

I think he found the glasses in my stash.

I'm not sure if B&D could put up with our non stop giggling fests.

Ashley Rae said...

I love San Diego... and the Zoo is fun, but holy cow the animals were slightly immobile when you visited, huh?

LOL to the girly sunglasses.