6191 Surrey Court

As I mentioned a few posts ago we had an estate sale for the family home I grew up in. It held 37 years of memories and I just wanted to say thanks and a final good bye.

Thanks for putting up with my awkward years and a few awkward friends along the way.
06-11-2008 04;41;29PM

My first date and my corsage that was the size of a head of lettuce.
06-11-2008 04;35;13PM

Tacky holiday decorations, relatives and flocked trees.
08-14-2007 09;28;20AM

My mother's hair do's that defied gravity.
06-11-2008 04;42;23PM

Thanks for welcoming my odd friends, the ones my 2 cousins (on the right) didn't know how to react to.
06-11-2008 04;40;34PM

Memories of Alli, dressing up for Halloween, crank calls, proms, tears, laughter, boys, long phone calls and a lot of giggling.
06-11-2008 04;39;36PM

My first baby shower.
06-11-2008 04;36;27PM

Thanks for providing a lawn for football and basement full of old toys for 15 grandchildren.
06-11-2008 04;38;41PM

Thanks for seeing me through some rough single years, like the 1st Christmas without my children.
06-11-2008 04;37;43PM

I love you old house. I love your big front lawn, your silly umbrella trees, my pink carpeted bedroom, your basement where I laid next to my dad to watch t.v., your kitchen were my sister made popcorn on the stove, your fireplace, your patio where we barbecued, your flowers and for being my comfort and my safe place to land. Good bye old friend.
06-11-2008 04;43;15PM


Chris said...

Nicely put Michelle. And the looks on yours and Brad's faces says it all that Christmas. Nice picture choices.

*continues to cry*

Allicat said...

A lovely tribute. I'll bet Rudy doesn't look nearly as awkward these days.... wish I looked that trim!

Your poor cousins really didn't know what to make of us, did they?

We must also thank your house for sacrificing one of it's screen so we could make belly button filters to deliver to the nieghborhood : )

And going through Jeri's closet on those rare occasions she agreed to let us wear her "cool" clothes. (I loved that purple/green striped turtleneck)

(((hugs for Michelle))))

Erica said...

Love this post mom.

It's just barely hitting me how much I'm going to miss this house.

Old wooden cabinet with "potions"
(Grandma's old Avon bottles)

The chalkboard

Banana chairs and Nintendo 64

Picking cat nip from the backyard for another tireless attempt at winning Ming's affections.

Cousin four square

"The patio room"

Watching Garfield with Grandma.

Michelle said...

That sale weekend was so rushed and emotional, I never had a chance to catch my breath and hold on to a few things. I wished I would have saved all of those VHS Garfield movies.

Yes, Jeri's clothes!

Allicat said...

Is that Martha Washington sitting next to your mom in the christmas photo?

Michelle said...

LOL, that would be my Aunt Barbara, my mother's only sister. She looks like she is wearing a bib.