05-27-2008 10;39;10AM
I found this letter, this gem, in one of my father's scrapbooks. The year was 1949 and he was on a Mormon mission, the kind where the missionaries had a quota of books to sell, Books of Mormon. Mission President Francis was apparently pissed that my father hadn't sold his quota. Slacker. Francis was damn adamant about not selling to "colored men or those who don't speak English" good thing Dad was in Kansas and not in South Chicago.
05-27-2008 10;59;17AM


allicat said...

This is priceless. What I wonder is why that, of all letters, would be one your father would have wanted to keep for posterity in a scrapbook? (Bless him, for doing so : )

Ashley Rae said...

Oh man. That is great. I'm glad you found that an posted it.

Chris said...

W.O.W. I am so surprised that Dad kept that! And what a treasured piece of history as well. :/

call me said...

Wow is right Chris! What a difference today makes. How dare someone yell at your sweet Father anyway!!