Cat Bath

Fatness was due, due for a bath. This is the only time I can get Griffin to quickly leave his XBox 360 gaming session. You see, Griffin holds that DNA that all boys do...LOVE TO TERRORIZE KITTY gene, and I need the unusually strong vice grip of Griffin, he is the only one that can keep Fatness in place during bath time.

Do you see the terror in Fatness' eyes? He knows 2 things at this point, Griffin is holding me and there is a tub of water 10 inches away.

Kitty is still calm, he hasn't started the clawing and howling, that comes when I pour the first cup of water on him. Right now he is basically thinking "I shall kill them both."

Griffin and I are confirming the Holy Ghost upon him before we get started.

With the first cup of water, the clawing and howling has begun. Griffin is laughing and Fatness just called me a "mother effer."

It's taking 4 hands to hold him down. Fatness is complaining about the off brand shampoo I was using and said I was a "bitch-tard."

All done kitty. The 3 of us are exhausted.

He will spend the next 3 hours licking himself and watching "Kathy Griffin My Life On The D List", it's the only reality show that calms him down.


Allicat said...

I can't believe you used an off brand shampoo for his highness!

Cat baths are so sad.... it doesn't matter how tough a cat may be, once he's soaked to the bone he's just pathetic.

Thank heaven for Kathy Griffin... and othe other Griffin, too!

Chris said...

POOR FATTY. That second picture with that pleading look on his face makes me weep for him.

Why did he need a bath?

Alex loves when I bathe Oreo, too, anything that makes her the least bit uncomfortable, he's all over.

Michelle said...

Fatness has been very naughty lately, he sneaks out the front door and hides under the cars.

He was very dirty, the pics are deceiving.