In My Head

On my mind today is absolutely nothing, except for:

DeAnna did not give Graham a rose and then he handed her a letter and said it was just for her to read and then she cried and wondered if she had made a mistake.

Horrible “new release” movie choices on Netflix, unless you count “Fool’s Gold” as stellar entertainment. Matthew and Kate making another movie where she is silly and giggly and scene set ups that require him to go shirtless.Fools-Gold-movie-02

It’s still hot, which makes me pissy and tired, like yesterday when I yelled at Tim for using the ice maker which sounds like a rock tumbler which woke me from my afternoon sofa nap.

Summer reality shows have lost their minds. These Japanese inspired shows where the contestants are running around on giant rubber balls and sliding down into mud pits are really making me angry.

Feeling guilty that I haven’t called my mother in 2 days.

Feeling guilty that I never cook dinner anymore, and use the excuse that “we are all on different schedules” even though we aren’t.

Wondering if Angelina Jolie’s new movie “Wanted” will be her usual fine kick-ass stuff. I would love to see Angie kick Jennifer Aniston’s whiny “oh I love John Mayer because he’s such a poet” face into oblivion. Don’t get me started. Ok where was I…

I wish I was reading a really good book, one that I couldn’t put down.

Wishing I could get Tim to understand why I shouldn’t work anymore, and wondering why he doesn’t understand my need to stay home, read blogs and watch daytime t.v.

Wanting to dump my house upside down and redecorate in a contemporary style.

Trying to pinpoint the day Tom C. lost his mind and became a freakshow.

That’s what is in my head today.


KmS said...

For a really good book that you can't put down, I recommend 'The Book Theif' if you haven't already read it. It's the most brilliant and amazing thing I've ever read. If you have already read that one, then 'I am the messanger' is also fabulous. They are both written by Markus Zusak. Hope that helps!

Yours Truly,
A Total Stranger

Ashley Rae said...

LOL- you make me laugh to the point where my diet coke almost squirts through my nose. Thank you.

When the hell did Tom Cruise start losing his mind? He's completely insane, now. Rather sad, really.

But Matthew is definitely pleasing to the eye....

Allicat said...

I love when total strangers post helpful comments on blogs.

So when did Tom start into his spiral of insanity? It is such a sad thing, because he used to be so cute. He's turned into a weird religious nut.

Sis said...

LOL. I completely relate to all these errant thoughts of yours. I am embarrassed by my preoccupation with the Bachelorette. It's so much more acceptable that you are there with me also.

This summer has been especially tough for many reasons. :( :(

Michelle said...

kms thank you for the suggestion, I shall check it out.

T. Cruise has always been nuts, his publicist just hid it well.

The Bachelorette rocks.

Erica said...

I've been waiting for you to comment on Jennifer Aniston/John Mayer.

Wanted looks like The Matrix. And that english guy (James Macavoy?) doing an American accent? I don't know. And of course I'm seeing it.

EEK said...

I'm sure you've already read it but recently I read "The Good Earth" - Pearl Buck (again) and I couldn't put it down because I just keep thinking "how ignorant can one man be".