Things That Gratify Me, Part 2

The day Timothy surprised me at work with a marriage proposal. My manager had gathered my entire dept. around for a quick "meeting" the quick meeting was really a ruse for this to happen:
01-20-2008 12;34;28PM

My grandpa's garden.
01-20-2008 12;36;12PM

My grandma's apron.

The first time I saw Griffin in his uniform.
basic training 006

Erica, shopping for a wedding dress.
wedding dress 012

Arizona thunderstorms.

Laughing my ass off with her.

Pictures like this.
01-20-2008 12;36;48PM


Listening to Tim sing and play on this.

Running around the hills of Holbrook with my cousins. Notice Chris standing next to my grandma in her "Little House On The Prairie" bonnet.
08-11-2007 05;46;47PM

My grandma hanging out laundry in hose and straw hat.
08-14-2007 09;21;07AM

Dove soap
Mondays off
fat cats
Camille's legs
the smell of furniture polish

Erica quietly muttering that she is going to vote for Clinton or Obama, smack in the middle of my Mother's 27 minute testimonial on how Mitt Romney is basically Jesus Christ himself and how the entire media has ignored his perfection.


Allicat said...

Hese are so great, Michelle! it's sometimes hard to believe those little kids (Erica/Griffin) are all grown up. I got a chuckle out of the hose and straw hat... do you think your grandkids will every see you hanging laundry in a stunning outfit like that?

xoxo to Erica for interjecting some sanity into your mother's testimonial... LOL... did your mother even notice?

Michelle said...

No she didn't, she was too busy explaining how Mitt (because she and he are on first name basis)being born a God should be recognized as such.

My grandma was fabulous.

Anonymous said...

That picture of Tim proposing IS perfection. I laughed out loud at you running down the hills of Holbrook! You were such a cute little girl too. Lol to Mitt.


each of the two said...

i love your fatness, oh and the cat too.

ha, Mitt, oh Mitt...
words cannot explain.

oh wait, yes, yes they can: the concept of you in office scares the livin poo out of me.

Michelle said...

Yes, our beloved Mitt.

Me in office is scary to me as well. In fact I was just extolling the reasons to Tim why I can't continue to work anymore.

Malia, I was like Maria in "The Sound Of Music" I was just about to break into "The Hills Are Alive..."

Chris said...

Those pics of us with Grandma and Grandpa are always treasures. I was not responsible for dressing myself during those years. Or maybe I was, and that was the issue.

Camille's legs! Yes!

And you must never disrespect the Chosen One, a.k.a. [Oven] Mitt in front of mother. :( :(

Michelle said...

Oven-Mitt LOL LOL

Well, I did explain to Mother he wasn't perfect to which she replied "ALMOST!"

Ashley Rae said...

I love those! I have some pictures of Erica and myself from when we were younger- I need to post them. She looks really cute. I look... like a polygamist child. LOL. But there's something to be grateful for- that I've gained a sense of style over the years.

I love all of these pictures! They're great.

LOL. As you know Erica and I have similar grandmothers, and even though I have not discussed politics with her, I'd be willing to bet that she'd agree with your mother that Mitt was heaven-sent.