Growing flowers in January. I hear and see on the news folks facing 17 degree weather and horrible snow blizzards, I think about these poor people whilst I water my geraniums, petunias and roses. Poor suckers.

Fatness. I snapped this pic just as he was stretching from his 15th nap of the day. I had looked for him in all his favorite cupboards, and finally found him sleeping guard at the top of the staircase. Fatness is a beloved pet, he is there for me when I weep over the writers strike and listens intently as I regale him with my theories of why Denzel Washington was overlooked at the Oscars to which Fatness has his own opinion.

My laptop. This is where Timothy and I spend a lot of time. He writes a lot, mostly about important things with titles like "Advocacy vs Adversarial" and "Cultural Reform" and "Progressive Decentralization." He spends a lot of time on websites like "Religious Tolerance" and stuff about philosophers. Me? I'm perusing important pop culture stuff like perezhilton.com and tmz.com and writing about my cat.


Chris said...

LOL, I like that pic of Griffster on your laptop. Your roses are beeyootiful. I never really had the patience for roses.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, could you repeat those titles again?

Someone has to keep up on celebrity gossip!


Allicat said...

I love the flowers.... I was just thinking the same thing last week - how excited I was that it is January, but my clematis has buds all over it, my pansies are still in full bloom, my delphinium is already sending shoots out of the ground, and primroses are on sale at the grocery stores/nurseries.....

And then we went into a deep freeze for a few days(20s - still balmy compared to Salt Lake :) and who knows how the buds will survive.... the pansies are still smiling.

But we do need some cold weather for the beautiful bulbs, the fields of tulips and daffodils to bloom. Michelle (and Chris!), you've got to come up here during the tulip festival one year.... maybe then on our way to Butchart for a springtime viewing!

Fatness is just as important as Cultural Reform. I'm glad you're making sure he gets the recognition he deserves.

Ashley Rae said...

Damn you and your beautiful flowers. Funny- I just posted something about how much I hate this bloody Utah winter weather... then I come here and my hatred for winter increases. Thank you, Michelle.

Oh- and Fatness is a great cat :)

Allicat said...

And here's something else to make you happy....

From the BBC News moments ago...

A breakthrough has reportedly been reached during informal talks between striking Hollywood writers and production companies.

The two sides bridged the gap over the key issue of payment for projects distributed on the internet, the Associated Press news agency said.

Full article

Michelle said...

YEA!!!! my prayers have been answered.

PA-lurker said...

So sorry to hear that Allison has clematis. I'm sure the antibiotics will clear that up.

Michelle, this post has made my love for you and Tim bloom and grow, bloom and grow for-ever.

I must come for a visit.

btw, I almost called when I saw that the Super Bowl was in your backyard. Did you go?

Michelle said...

No, we didn't go but we were there in spirit.

So glad you stopped by my blog, I thought maybe you had joined the Amish.