We began our journey at David's Bridal because the first place we had an "appointment" at was closed, not a good way to start wedding dress shopping. I placed an old Indian curse upon the place, we stopped at Starbucks and re-grouped.
wedding dress 001
Erica had picked out several dresses beforehand in her usual organized fashion. When we instructed the help of her size 2, she seemed slightly befuddled and mumbled something about the last size 2 that was in here was "my 5 year old" and "we don't have many of those" hence began the many many pinnings of huge 4's and 6's.
wedding dress 031
She liked this one because it made her boobs big, Chris and I had to tackle her to the floor to get her to try on a veil.
wedding dress 014
...and a tiara
wedding dress 023
Apparently no wedding dress is made with sleeves anymore, sleeves are now on endangered lists in 3 states, one not being Utah. We had to make do.
wedding dress 016
David's wasn't quite cutting it, so Erica put in a panic call to Christy, who then whipped out her magic wand (or temple recommend I forget which) called, got us an appt and met us there because she is amazing. Besides the retarded 13 year old helping us, this place had a better selection and nicer dresses....case in point.
wedding dress 033
Here is where I told Erica to give me her best standard bride pose, she sprang into action.
wedding dress 037
...and as luck would have it these two gals found their dresses for the wedding.
wedding dress 054
It was around this time and 159 dresses later that Erica donned this little dandy. It felt good, was the right price (on sale), and....
wedding dress 051
...she was about to say it...
wedding dress 046
THIS IS THE ONE, much like Brigham Younggers proclamation at the mouth of the Wasatch Front
wedding dress 045
So, a light yellow sash, alterations, sleeves and a slight hem later and my beautiful beaming daughter will have one wedding dress that has been dreamed of for several years. I love you my beauty.


Vonda said...

That looked like a great day! I loved our dress shopping day too. We also had the "boob dress" and yes, she chose it - who wouldnt. Erica will look like a fashion bride no matter what she would have chosen. Dani brought crosses and garlic to ward off the tiaras and veils too (but not before we snapped a few shots) Hope it didnt hit your wallet too hard.

dani said...

Did she find it at Azteca? I can kinda recogize it cause thats where I got mine, on sale as well. How exciting! She looks beautiful as usual.

EEK said...

I'm so jealous. Erica is the closest thing ever to reality show Barbie! I would have made her try on everything in the store including the ugly dresses and all the bridesmaid dresses. I guess that is why no one every invites me to go shopping for wedding dresses with them.

Chris said...

I felt so lucky to be there!!! It really was like dressing a live Barbie--but even skinnier--and I had a blast. Funner even than finding my own wedding dress, I think.

Erica, thank you for including me in your once-in-a-lifetime event. You and that dress were meant for one another. It's a dress for a princess bride!! I'm so glad you found what you wanted.

Love you!

Allicat said...

What a fun adventure - hunting for a bridal gown. Erica has her bridal poses down pat. Chris, I fully expect to see you in that stunning blue/purple beaded garb at the wedding.

Erica could carry off any dress she chose - I'm glad she found something she loves. That can be a challenge! But why on earth would Erica want to cover those absolutely lovely shoulders with sleeves? :)

Ashley and I had a wonderful time looking for wedding gowns for her, lamenting her requirement for sleeves every time she tried on a gorgeous strapless beauty we knew she couldn't buy. We did end up find something with sleeves that she loved, and not traditional fare. Perfect, except the sleeves apparently too sheer to pass muster and had to be lined. Ah well.... she still looked like the princess she was.

Click to see Ashley's dress

My own dress hunt (back in 1979) was a nightmare - found something I loved on sale... left it for alterations and Weinstocks reSOLD it! It was a discontinued dress and no more could be found in my size (7 at the time) - they ended up finding the same dress in California in size 11 and had to alter the stupid thing down to fit me.....

So keep track of that dress! And savor every moment of this exciting time.

Michelle said...

Karen, you are so right, Chris why didn't we get Erica to try on those horrendous dresses?

Alli, That is a sad sad tale. My wedding dress was found at JC Penney for 100.00.

Ashley looks beautiful.

each of the two said...

thats Hawt, i love yellow!

i hope zack doesnt read this page... oh who are we kidding he can't read, we all know Erica is marrying him for his stunning beauty.

and uh, p.s. who the heck wears a size 2? is she like an alien race or something? (or it might be my disgust as i do NOT wear a size 2...)

RJones said...

Sad, sizes 4 and 6 are now huge thanks to my paper doll friend Erica. It looks so amazing on her! Kristy to the rescue, per usual.

Ashley Rae said...

I think a size 2 dress MIGHT fit around my left calf, but it would rip if I tried to pull it up to my thigh.

Wow- Erica looks stunning!! I can't wait to see the bridal pics. I'm glad she finally found the perfect dress. It's gorgeous!

I loved my dress- it fit the "fairy tale" wedding we had...