My favorite website stuffonmycat.com has posted another picture of the most cross eyed cat that ever meowed.....drum roll.....FATNESS!

Fatness has an amazing resemblance to Babs don't ya think?

Alli-cat I am awaiting your campaign for Sweetness. Place a few articles on his head and send them in!


Allicat said...

Fatness has a fanclub at Stuff On My Cat.

Sweetness isn't as patient as Fatness - and you know what a scardey cat he is... afraid of his own shadow.

However... last night, I answered your call and crept upon him while he was sleeping, and adorned him with those fall leaves and jewels you so decoratively placed on my mantle.

He woke up as I was completing the masterpiece but was tired enough that he held still while I took a couple of photos. We'll see if he gets in the spotlight at stuff on my cat....

Erica said...

Fatness is so famous. He has six entries on SOMC now. He was born to be a star.

Michelle said...

I can just see you creeping up behind him holding your jewels. Yeah! I hope he gets on...FYI they are really behind in posting photos, so it may take awhile.

PA-lurker said...

When can you quit your job and live off of Fatness? Soon, I hope. And while you're lounging, check out this website for more feline hilarity: