Bangs: A Retrospective

Lucky for me and I suppose you, my artful bangs have been well documented through my life. Let's start with perhaps the best illustration of why my mother and a pair of scissors were a deadly combination.

10-30-2007 07;46;19AM
My first boyfriend overlooked the fact that my bangs started at the crown of my head and realized she was simply copying the "Mia Farrow" look I begged her for.

Ah, I called this one the "deluxe" because not only did I get the uneven bang but the "sponge roller" tight curl that Mother might have forgotten to comb out. Let's not overlook the sailor suit that rocked.
10-30-2007 07;49;05AM

Before you feast your eyes on this next one, keep in mind after this school picture was taken I had to hide during recess because oddly enough the other children laughed at my vintage hair style. I was paying homage to my grandma, thank God my savvy Mother helped me, she teased it hard and kept it in place with her handy can of Aquanet.
10-30-2007 07;48;03AM

This fine bang doesn't scream awkward at all. I had outgrown my bang fetish and decided it would be a great idea to grow them out. I picked the week of my school picture appointment to part them severely down the middle and hold them in place with water and the Aquanet. Don't question the bunny-ear collar.
10-30-2007 07;50;26AM

I was successful in my bang removal, and so I give you my forehead. It beams at you, a lighthouse leading you safely to shore.
10-30-2007 07;56;33AM

We'll end this journey with what I like to call "The Modified Farrah." I almost pulled it off, maybe I could have washed it that morning or even combed it? Let us not question greatness, let us bask in this bastion of hair through the years.
10-30-2007 07;54;41AM


Chris said...

L.O. freakin' L.

Even with the awkward bangs that cute boy was still holding your hand. That is the cutest pic EVER.

Mom was always handy with the hairspray--too bad she misses her own head with it now! She was absolutely no help whatsoever with the burgeoning style of her daughters. No help. AT ALL. I blame it all on her. :D

Kristin said...

A truly lovely tribute to bangs. It is evident that you do have the fullness and joy that only the knowledge the truthfulness of bangs provides. The joy and peace you must feel. Thank you for sharing this.

Allicat said...

I love the forehead years. As you may recall, I used to send you letters addressed to Michelle F. Hunsaker (f for forehead : )

This whole thing made me laugh. I love it.

I missed seeing raingutters, however. I do remember being sorely teased by you for mine.

each of the two said...

Pee. My. Pants. Funny.


i love bad hair...

Michelle said...

Alli you were not sorely teased, no more than you teased me about my forehead!

I loved that cute boy, his name was Barry.

Kris, lol.

Erica said...

LOL I keep coming back just to look at these pictures.

And I've changed my mind, I have two favorite. The vintage do and the first one with the shortest bangs I've ever seen in my life.

LOL again.

call me said...

LOL, I must agree with Erica, my favorite is number one with "the shortest bangs I've ever seen." How is that even possible?! You'd almost have to have a comb there in between your forehead and the scissors to make sure that you didn't get cut.

Allicat said...

I had to come back and revisit this exhibit.

I'm so glad you've made it public, rather than keeping it hidden in your private gallery.