We have lived in this house since 2002 and since 2002 we also have been living with a family of pigeons....that I HATE.

They leave this stuff above my windows.

...and this stuff on my windows.

Here is a nice grouping of it underneath my dining room window.

Sometimes I throw pebbles up at them and feel a few seconds of victory when I see them take flight. They always come back.

Then I go back inside and take pictures of Fatness to calm my nerves.

If Fatness wasn't so fat, maybe he could catch those pigeons.


Allicat said...

I feel your pain. Rather than pigeons though, it is giant slugs.

Perhaps you can find a witch to come put a curse on the pigeons?

Fatness looks as though he couldn't be bothered by the comings and goings of mere pigeons.

Kristin said...

Pigeons are so annoying. When we lived in Sandy, we had a swamp cooler, and those stupid pigeons would go up on the roof and scratch around on the vent and coo into it, and make a racket that we could hear all throughout the upstairs. Curse them.

Have you tried installing tin foil where the sun can shine and blind them? :) Are there such things as scare-pigeons? Perhaps one of those air horns. Everytime they come back, blast them until they decide to move elsewhere. Of course, I guess if it went on long enough, your neighbors would want to move elsewhere, as well. I wish you luck; you have my sympathy.

Michelle said...

No Fatness will only walk from the sofa to eat or be scratched.

Kris, thank you for all your ideas lol, I have called a pigeon specialist...The Pigeon Dr. he will be coming out to give me a quote on making my roof pigeon-less.

Chris said...

Those 'f-en pigeons (LOL)' have been bugging you guys since you moved into that house! So I take it those plastic dummy owls don't work...the tin foil idea is intriguing.

So what did the pigeon doctor end up doing? Wrap your house in barbed wire?? I had a neighbor who used to keep a b.b. gun handy and shoot at those f-ers.

Fatness needs to rise above his celebrity and do some work out there on those vermin.

Allicat said...

I did a little online searching for you and found this suggestion :)


We have and have had pigeons around us for some time, mostly on our neighbors house, as they nest there every year. They use our house as an area to socailize with “others” away from the nest.

I’ve tried the plastic owl…worked for a week. Then, they actually did sit on it, as previously suggested. It was a waste of time.

3 things that worked the best for me:

1) Removal of the nest. This made them MAD. They stood outside of the nesting area for two days wondering what happened. Then they started to rebuild. When my neighbor left his house, I went back up and removed it a second time, and they left.

After removing the nest, they still sat on our house and cooed all morning - annoying.

2 - I was told from a wise old farmer that mixing bird seed with powdered cement will do them in for good. I put a bowl on the roof (away from rainfall) and it was eaten in a day. I never saw that group of pigeons again.

3) Insert a roll of chicken wire on the area where they nest. That keep them out of the prime spot, and force them to look elsewhere.

Good luck….hate the friggin’ things. Dirty, noisy, ugly.

Michelle said...

I like the cocktail of cement/birdseed idea! I would love to put up the chicken wire but where they have their nest and where they sleep is waaaay high and in very hard to reach places.

The Pigeon Dr. has yet to come out to my house.

each of the two said...

"if fatness wasnt so fat" HA, are you crazy? that's like saying "if chocolate weren't so good"

dont disrupt the natural balance in the universe.

each of the two said...

its so true, you dont know, my mum and me could actually BE you and T

(doplegangers are EVERYWHERE, watchout)

Erica said...

lol i like that first picture of the pigeons peaking their heads over.

and those are VERY handsome pictures of Sir Fatness. He is glowing.


Erica said...

PS Zach will gladly come shoot the pigeons if need be. Probably while dressed in full camo.

Michelle said...

I would like to hire Zach. Griffin and Mark shot at them once, on top of our fence in full view of our neighbors...who called the police.

Zach will need to do it at night, with night vision goggles.