2 Thanksgivings, my sis's was better.

My nephew Miko. He was fascinated with Fatness who was not fascinated with him. Fatness did not appreciate being called a "meow meow" he felt it was beneath him.

Erica is delicately buttering the rolls that I burned in my oven. My sweet sister in law offered to cut off all the black bottoms, so everyone got a squished slightly doughy roll.

My grandson Dustin, being held by my mother in law. She is in a word AMAZING. She recently hung the Christmas lights on her roof and tiled her kitchen floor.

Tim and my brother in law singing a little Manson at the piano, not really, they were singing church songs. I thought they sounded great, but everyone else started packing up to go home.

This is my sister's Thanksgiving. Her rolls were perfect, no burnt bottoms here. She also made the perfect yams, the ones that Tim won't friekin stop talking about.

Cute siblings. Nicole made a fab salad with fancy stuff in it and Todd made me laugh the whole day.

He wanted this crown in his hair. That's his bro sleeping off a night on Mill.

Denton (he loves HGTV more than I do, well maybe not more, but certainly watches it more)

Erica showing off her long, thick, beautiful hair and newly manicured nails.

Mike (he sets up our annual Turkey Bowl Football game each year) and the most precious baby of all Camille. She is learning to count except she only knows "two" and repeated it many times because she is brilliant.


Chris said...

I'll give you that dadgum Yam recipe so you can make some for Tim for heaven's sake. He is so silly. I still owe him a Pumpkin Roll....Tim is a delight to feed.
My rolls were not perfect, plus they were Rhodes, there is no way I could actually make some of my own. There was a whole batch of burnt ones.
Ah, Thanksgiving, how we love it. But thank God it only happens once a year.

Erica said...

I'm craving those rolls right now. And I still haven't forgiven you for ruining Chris' second pumpkin roll mother.

Ashley Rae said...

Sounds like you had an eventful Thanksgiving... Those rolls looked really good. Ours were store-bought. They suck compared to homemade. And I love Erica's thick brown hair and pretty nails. She's so beautiful :)

Allicat said...

I'm craving those rolls too!

Actually, Craig made rolls from scratch. Perfection. If I'd been making them, they would have been Rhodes as well.

My contribution to the meal was a Soda Cracker Pie - our dessert. It was yummy too.

J'Neil and I cut big marshmallows to make plumeria marshmallow flowers on the top of the yams. But they baked so long they dissolved :( Tasty, though.

I'm still catching up from being gone for 4 days.... and getting ready to leave for another 4 days Saturday. (SLC)

Michelle said...

The rolls Erica was buttering were store bought, Craig made them from scratch! He does like to cook.

I wish I liked to cook, I like to watch people cook, is that the same thing?