O Tannenbaum

This is the blank palette where Tim and I shall erect a 9 ft tree amidst cursing, sweating and a sober Whitney singing Christmas carols in the background.

The tree came in 4 parts. We brilliantly deduced that the widest was the bottom, then came the head scratching and a few curse words from me as we tried on different parts of the tree.

A lot more cursing when I noticed the tree at a 45 degree angle. Tim produced duct tape and 20 minutes later the tree was straight and had a slim book underneath the base, because we are engineers.

Notice the lights are only working on the top and bottom, this is where the full out profanities flew. I hate putting up the ef-fin Christmas tree! It's a pain in the ass and in fact, by now I had, had an ass full of this tree....

Ahhh, all the lights are working and now comes the 1,356 bows and ornaments. I motion for Tim to leave me with my tree. I was never the sweet, patient mom that allowed her children to hang ornaments as they wished...crooked, 3 together, upside down...no I let them hang one or two through gritted teeth then sent them away while I finished.

First come the bows and streamers that I made out of this fabulous ribbon.

Then my 3 favorite ornamets.

Then, I fill the tree with stuff I don't really care about...and 3 hours later I am done.


Erica said...

LOL to this entire post and LOL to Tim climbing up on the chair. "I told Tim to leave me with my tree." lol lol He probably had no problem doing just that.

It looks BEAUTIFUL as always!!

Chris said...

Yes, perfect as per usual.

I can't tell what Tim is balancing on in that picture?? LOL

I let my kids have their own tree that they can do what they wish. They can put a few ornaments on the 'family' tree, but I end up rearranging them. Because the tree is not all about me or anything like that.

Michelle said...

Tim is balancing on a chair, he wasn't pleased that I was documenting him and the tree.

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only mom that "fixes" the tree.

Anonymous said...

Michelle your tree is perfection. I too love your 3 favorite ornaments. I also couldn't help but notice the great table cloth in the background. You have decked the halls indeed.


each of the two said...

this is why i get REAL tree, oh wait i live in New England and they practically grow on the doorstep

Chris said...

lol I could tell Tim was on the chair but I missed his foot being on the seat and it looked like he was levitating/doing acrobatics to decorate the tree. I was for sure going to have him come over to my house and get my top branches for me.

Kristin said...

Your bows are beautiful. Come to my house and do mine. The bows on my tree should have been tossed out two years ago.

My kids have always had their own tree, because I couldn't stand to have them decorate mine. I'm now a bit more tolerant, only because they do a better job and don't give me a lot of grief when I say, "No, don't put that silver ornament there, it's right by that other one..."

craigthegrey said...

I just have to say that I was brought up in one of those “children to hang ornaments as they wished...crooked, 3 together, upside down...” households. Now that I’ve grown older and wiser, I understand that our Christmas trees were indeed hideous. We kids loved the “icicles” – we threw them all over the place!

Allison said...

Perfection and elegance, Michelle.

I can totally relate to this. I was raised in a home with 2 trees - one, a glorious, flocked, blue and green potential "festival of trees" entry... and one for all the home made and old fashioned ornaments.

We were trained quite early (by my dad if I recall correctly) in the decorating of the elegant tree however - and I have done my best to pass on this wisdom and knowledge to the next generation.

In fact, I was just at Ashley's the last few days complimented her excellent use of balance : ) And observed her teaching Kennedy the same.

My "garland" tree is hung, but no onrmanents on it yet. Now that I'm home from Salt Lake, that will be my project this week.

Michelle said...

It's a relief to read that there are other anal retentive tree decorators out there. Kris I would love to make your bows...

Alli of course Irene had a perfect flocked tree, she has always been my "Martha Stewart"

PA-lurker said...

I am moving to Glendale in order to celebrate every holiday with the Hamptons and their peeps. The Thanksgiving post made me laugh then cry then laugh again. Then cry. The Xmas tree post reminded me to refill my bipolar meds.

Love to you Michelle and Tim!

Michelle said...

Mike I need you around the holidays, I need your comic relief...as well as your height for my tree.

Vonda said...

Michelle, congradulations on the news! Zach is great and they really are perfect together. Your tree is gorgeous, but I wouldnt expect less. Please let us help with ANYTHING for the wedding. (We have all the family addresses on file if you need them)

Michelle said...

Thanks Vonda, we will really need those addresses. Erica and I have just begun the planning and we both already feel overwhelmed!