Favorite quotes of late

Chris thank you for that small push I needed to update, I will be nice and not mention that you update your post every full moon, or whenever Brittney Spears washes her hair.

I'm giving you my readers a little gold, that is, my favorite overheard quotes over the last week:

"Hey douche nozzle, I've got a dime holding up a dollar here, get movin"

"I'm not looking for sympathy..I can find that between shit and syphilis in the dictionary"

"Children are basically retarded people in little bodies"

This might become a Friday regular.


Chris said...

I am so happy after reading this for so many reasons!

1. Michelle updated!
2. with HILARIOUS quotes that I will have to use. Esp the sympathy one. LOLOLOLOLOL.

If I have to wait for Britney to wash her hair (or wear underwear, be a responsible mother, etc etc) to update, then I am safe for years.

Yes, please make this a regular feature. And tell us where you heard the quotes.

Allicat said...

These are priceless - yes, I too would like this to be a regular feature. Where do you hear these things???!!!

PA-lurker said...

I'd like more info please:

1. Where did you hear these quotes
2. Who uttered them
3. What the hell was the context (specifically "Hey douche nozzle, I've got a dime holding up a dollar here, get movin" I would like to incorporate this one but don't want to commit a social gaffe)

I agree with Chris that this should be a regular featured treat for your (legion of) readers. And on a more universal note, we should all become more painfully aware of the quotable statements we hear on a daily basis and we should post them somewhere. I say these things in the name of jebus h christ. amen.

PA-lurker said...

i meant "regularly featured."

Michelle said...

The 1st and 3rd are from Adam Corrolla's radio show...I love him. The 2nd one, my personal fav. was uttered from a person owning an overdrawn acct which we called to discuss. He said he was in the hospital on morphine.

Mike I don't remember the exact context...I think it would fit anytime you are in a hurry.

PA-lurker said...

I love it when you respond. It's like a brush with greatness. And it makes me feel so important.