Tired of Fatness pic's yet? No? Good.

These are the pictures I submitted today to stuffonmycat.com. Fatness has been on their clever website 5 times, we are going for a 6th. I have a mild obsession with trying to get his picture posted. I happen to own an odd cat that will stay still while I balance obscure objects on his head or body. It's amazing.

Fatness is about half of his normal self, he received his Lion Cut this week.






Anonymous said...

No offense, King Fatness, but I think they post just about everyone's pics but it takes like 10 years for it to show up.
.... or maybe they just never post my fatfat cat's pics.
Therefore, I shall scorn that infernal site. :(

Oreo's mom

Michelle said...

Wrong! They only post the ones they like.

I don't think JL has gotten any on there yet either.

Oreo deserves a post, he's very photogenic.

Anonymous said...

Why the hell did you shave your cat??? He needs an apron or something... LOL.....

Michelle said...

Who wrote that?

Anonymous said...

Wasn't me. Why do they take so long to post pics? Do they only put like 10 kitty pics up a day or what??

Looks like you have a blog crasher.


Michelle said...

They are revamping the blog, and will be posting more pic's etc.

Currently they have minimal help.

They started Stuffonmymutt, which is dumb because dogs don't care what you do to em.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should help them!

No doubt, you could park a car on a dog and they would give a crap. Probably literally.


Allison said...

How does Fatness feel about this fashion statement? What inspired this new look?

Kristin had a great comment about the difference of these two sites... I'd love to steal it and claim it as my own, but I'll encourage her to post it instead....

Kristin said...

My favorite pic of Fatness was the one with the angel on his head.

What I said to Allison, since I'm sure you're all dying to know is....

I just love Stuff On My Cat. It's interesting though, because on the site right now they have some pics from "stuff on my mutt" and they also make me laugh.

But it just goes to show -- Cats are coolly indifferent. Dogs are stupid.

Allison then observed:
Dogs are far too interested in what we think of them. Dogs are codependent. Cats are like, "whatever".

Michelle said...

Kris I love your comments about cats being coolly indifferent and dogs being dumb. Chris, yes you could park a car on a dog and they wouldn't care LOL.

Fatness liked the cherub the best, because it indicates the opposite of his devilish side.

He felt the pinecone was beneath him.

Erica said...

That one of him yawning is amazing.

He is so ferocious.