Sisters aren't necessities. They're luxuries.

In honor of my younger, smarter, more clever sister, I present a few photos from our early years.

I already knew she would end up valedictorian of her class, look at her intensity as she studies her dandelion, she was already brilliant. I was more worried about how crooked my mother had cut my bangs.
08-11-2007 05;48;11PM

Why are we all wearing our Sunday best as we crawl around Indian ruins? We were just that kind of high class. A faux fur collar is never wrong.
08-11-2007 05;49;15PM

I wasn't happy that my grandma had chosen Chris to stand near her, between that and my mom's 3 foot beehive and soccer inspired stripe jacket, I was doing my best to remain calm.
08-11-2007 05;51;23PM

Chris wanted to hold the real cat so I handed her a stuffed cat and told her to deal with it.
08-11-2007 06;50;33PM

Chris commanded all of us to stand on this hill. She taunted me with her bruising remarks about my highwater pants and made Jeri cry when she pointed out her bad choice of sandal.
08-11-2007 05;50;19PM

Chris is seen here holding one of our more gifted cats, Chris taught this cat how to meow show tunes and knit triple combination covers.
08-13-2007 05;31;30PM

Here we all are squinting into the morning sun in front of one of our favorite posh hotels, the Travel Lodge. Chris carried this evil bear everywhere, she said it spoke to her and told her to laugh at my western shirts and ask me why my hair looked like rain gutters.
08-13-2007 05;32;41PM

So there you are, a glance into the life of one gifted child, Christine Kay Hunsaker Spiro.


Anonymous said...

I'm honestly laughing and crying at the same time. Between the 'rain gutter' hairdo and the cat that must have weighed 50 frickin' pounds, I am speechless. And choked up! I am NOT the more clever sister at all, as all your faithful blog readers can plainly tell. And sisters ARE necessities, I would go batcrap crazy without mine.

Thanks for this, Michelle. Just thanks.

Love you,
Your younger, much less clever and attractive sister (maybe only equal in our fervent love of Clive) :D

Anonymous said...

Oh, and LOLOLOLOL to the 'soccer inspired jacket'... Mom was always so fashion forward.

These early pics are killing me!I love the first one best.


Erica said...

LOL I'm loving these old pics. You two were such cute babies/kids!! I am lucky to have both you clever/beautiful/smart women in my life.

Michelle said...

Do you see where Abby has her need to carry something with her at all times?

You were the cutest baby, we all fought over who got to hold you.

I love the pic of us at the "ruins" look at how your hair frames your face, and grandpa's snappy derby. I really do wonder why we are dressed for sacrament meeting at a state park?

Kristin said...

Never mind Jeri's sandals, I think those pants are the height of fashion.

I note that it was a somber day at the Travelodge. You & Brad seem to have been resigned to your fate of facing the firing squad.

Michelle said...

Kris, it was a very somber day...we do look like a firing squad!

That is hysterical.

Kristin said...

Yes, you and Brad with your hands tied behind your back... Don protectively shielding Chris with his arm... The evil bear sitting definantly in Chris's arms... A terrifying day for all of you, I'm sure.

allicat said...

Chris has always been brilliant.

Sisters are a both necessities AND luxuries. I don't know what I'd do with mine.

Our little sisters are such good sports, too, aren't they? I don't think we'd tease and torment them like we used to.... remember when we had them sell popsicles for us? I acutally don't remember the details, but Kristin does.... apparently we weren't very generous..... : /

Michelle said...

I wonder if Chris remembers the details? Something about them selling our popcicles in the hot sun for hours and we gave them $1 for their efforts?

Kris, just LOL to your firing squad and the defiant evil bear.

Anonymous said...

I remember perfectly. You and Allison treated Kristin and I like slaves. You gave us a quarter and it was in the middle of July.

I am scarred for life, as you can tell.


Allicat said...

LOL... I mean I don't know what I'd do WITHOUT my sister....

I can't believe we were so obnoxious. Well, actually, I can - we though we were just so amusing.....