Here she is at her very 1st birthday with cousin Chad and Aunt Carole

08-19-2007 07;27;07AM

She's probably laughing at one of her witty remarks.
08-19-2007 07;23;40AM

Her first trip to Disneyland, she cried on her Daddy's shoulder when we had to leave the park.
08-19-2007 07;29;38AM

She is about age 5. I loved her in this outfit.
08-19-2007 07;28;13AM

....a few more for good measure
08-19-2007 07;24;52AM
08-19-2007 07;56;41AM

Dear Erica,
It's incredibly hard to put into words the love a mother has for her daughter, especially a daughter like you. You are the type of daughter that a mother dreams about. You possess amazing abilities and you take none of them for granted. You are funny, beautiful, smart and artistic, more importantly, you are unselfish and empathetic. You love your friends and family and we all like the feel of your glow when it is on us.

I love you my sweet angel girl,
08-19-2007 07;20;53AM


Anonymous said...

I love you too, Caca, of the legs that are a million miles long and the person who loves my kids almost as much as me. You are the best of the best.

Love you!
Aunt C

P.S. (LOVE the 80's hair on Carole)

Allicat said...

Daughters are the best.

Lovely tribute to a lovely lady... with legs that I'm exceedingly envious of.

I also have fond memories of my visit to AZ with Ashley when the two of you were small... you had such fun together and I've got some cute photos.

BTW, I love reading your blog, Erica - you and your mom are just hysterical.....

Erica said...

Thanks mom!! This is so sweet. I don't think I've ever seen that picture of me laughing on the green couch, lol.

Love you Chris, mom and Allison!

Vonda said...

I can still remember Erica looking like all of those pictures. Happy Birthday Erica, you are all of those qualities your mom said - Love you!

call me said...

This is such a nice post Michelle, I love it. Erica is all of that and more, and I love her!