Like and not like.

I really like my newly purchased wood cubes. They are hanging in my office filled with my vintage storybooks and dolls.
Here is another view just because I love them so much.

I really don't like how Tim mixes his morning cereals. I present to you a bowl of Captain Crunch and Honey Nut Cheerios.

I really like how my nephews follow my bidding. I asked them to don these sombreros, which they did, willingly.

I do not like when Tim relieves himself in any other place than a place designated as a restroom.

I do not like that Tim carries a hankie with him at all times. Said hankie is used all day, blown into and stuffed back into pocket, gag. Shouldn't handkerchiefs be extinct by now, behind a glass case in the Smithsonian?

I really like these two pictures.


Erica said...

lol lol, these are great. Tim and that CEREAL. Gross! I love Shaun and Toddles.

PS those dolls are a leetle creepfest

Anonymous said...

I like my pic of Shaun better since his eyes are closed, I'm not sure why I like it, but I do.

I mix cereals too, if there are hardly any left. But those two aren't very mixable.

Love the pic of the back of Sween and Caca and Abby! It's the Brown-Eyed-Girl Club.

And tell Tim there are things called KLEENEX that God invented so he doesn't have to have a snot-covered pocket. Sorry for that visual.

Always, Chris

Michelle said...

I will ignore the creepfest comment.

Chris I have BEGGED him to use tissue, he said "the hankies are softer."

Shaun/Todd are my favorite models, well Erica/Abbs too.

Anonymous said...

Yes, "Shodd" is always, always up for a pic to be taken. "Cacagail" are worthy models also. Abby certainly loves the camera on her.

Hankies are not softer than Kleenex. Tim is just old school, period.


Allicat said...

Perhaps it is time to just throw out all his hankies and put some of those nice little disposable Kleenex packages in several of his pockets.

Lovely cubes. I'm afraid I'm with Erica on the dolls.... stand up dolls have always kind of creeped me out.... : )

What are your storybook titles?

Michelle said...

I guess I will have to remove my creepy dolls.

Rumplestilskin, Mary Poppins, Hansel and Gretel.

Allison said...

Oh honey, if you love the dolls, keep them on display. We each have our own unique likes and "creepiness" generators. Just not something I'd want to have staring at me while I worked : )

I love that Shaun and Todd donned the sombreros for you. The world has need of willing men : )

Michelle said...

Well they actually have meaning. The blonde doll my mom gave to me when I was going through a difficult time and the other doll is a Chrissy doll that Chris and I played with. I bought this one off Ebay.

Kristin said...

Leave the dolls where they are. :)

I have an unusual stuffed doll. It's Hagrid, keeper of the keys at Hogwarts. He lives on top of my bookcase. I'm sure people wonder why he is there, but I love him, so he stays. Now if only I could get a large, cranky Severus Snape with a billowing cloak to go with my Hagrid, my life would be complete.

Allison said...

Yes, leave the dolls up. Especially if they have meaning and make you happy to look at.

Perhaps they'll make a Snape doll now that he has earned a place of honor.....

Anonymous said...

Kristin, please somehow post a picture of the Hagrid doll. Is he walking a Blast Ended Skrewt?

lol, Michelle, "played" is another term for "fought like wolverines over" the Chrissy doll. What was all the fuss about??


Michelle said...

Yes Kris, we all would like to see the Hagrid doll!

I will leave my lovely dolls where they are, they are like angels looking over me.

I love that you used the term "billowing cloak."

Yes, fought over, only because Chris got the NEW Chrissy doll and I had to keep the old, dirty one.

call me said...

I am DYING at the cereal. I don't think that I have seen anyone over the age of 12 do that, lol.

Michelle said...

Apparently, Chris does it too. I never even considered mixing my morning cereal, and I won't.

Kristin said...

You may get a glimpse Hagrid here, though he's not looking his best today:


And if anyone knows where I can get Snape, please let me know. My family can't quite figure out why I've always liked Snape best...

Michelle said...

That doll is cute, I love his scarf.

I get Snape, he's mysterious and dark.

Anonymous said...

Snape is a bullying git. That is all.

acaseofcot said...

michelle...I like hankies....sorry. I'm not all snotty with them though, they just make me feel safe just 'in case'. I have a couple that my great aunt bea crocheted the edges of.