Presenting Allison my BFF. In honor of her much anticipated blog "Silence Of The Clams" I thought I would share a few memories.

Here she is her senior year of high school. Devastatingly beautiful and talented. She could sing, dance, write music, play music, do the splits and create mayhem with me. Oh how jealous I was of her and her thick mane of hair.
08-23-2007 06;36;04PM

She is the one sitting on the bar showing off her ski bunny tan. Did I mention she skied too, and she was good. That's Mark she is sitting next to, MY MAJOR CRUSH. I'm the one in the bad choice of slacks fending off the touch-feely Marty W.
08-23-2007 06;34;12PM

That's her on the left in her signature pose, she slayed the boys with it.
08-23-2007 06;47;22PM

This is us caught in some dangerous reeds on the shores of the Amazon River. Not really, we are at a park in Mesa playing with her new camera and the auto-picture feature.
08-23-2007 06;40;47PM

We were wicked hot. 1986 baby, stacked hair, big jewelry, "Flashdance" tank top, relief society was so far from our minds.
08-23-2007 06;38;18PM

Here we are in our Mervyns sweater sets and a couple of kids later. Did I mention in high school we liked to make up mean lyrics about our enemies and then sing them to the boys? We were so beyond cool.
08-23-2007 06;37;12PM

Here she is at her Parrish with Father Redford. I like how she is accessorizing even in her robes.
08-23-2007 06;42;36PM

Just another Family Home Evening with friends.
08-23-2007 06;43;42PM

Erica and Ashley our gorgeous daughters. Did I mention Allison and I frequently peed our pants from laughing at our own awesome humor?
08-23-2007 06;44;36PM

Here is our most recent picture. I went on a cruise with Allison and her fabulous sister Kristin and family. We are dressed for dinner, don't we look killer? The sweet girl is Alli's niece.
08-23-2007 06;45;56PM

You have been there with me through good and bad. You are a constant in my life and a very good person. You love me with all my faults and forgive me when I make an ass of myself. My teen years were funny and full because of you. You have been with me from training bra to now. Thanks dear sweet friend.


Allicat said...

Oh, honey, thank you. That was so fun and so sweet. Such great memories. And thank you for only posting flattering photos of me, because I've taken some real doozies.

You HATED my hair! It was so unruly (still is) and you were always trying to get me to trim or style it better.... LOL. And Mark may be sitting next to me in the picture - but what I remember is that the boys always wanted to TALK to me... they wanted to DATE you.

I love the flash dance pose. Relief society, hah! We were on our way to go dancing at the local gay bar, The Sun, with my brother-in-law Paul, and friends Mike & Karen.

And you know, even if no one else thought we were funny, we always did - and that's really all that mattered. And that's what makes our friendship so great : )

I think a friendship like ours is really rare - I'm so lucky to have you in my life.

Come visit me. Let's take a weekend trip to Victoria, BC and laugh ourselves silly there.
Love you

Kristin said...

I must agree that Allison is totally cool. I was so envious of her hair, her talent, her popularity, her choice of friends, etc. etc.

Now, you have done a lovely tribute to Chris, and one to Allison. I'm waiting for the tribute to Umbrella Trees.

Kristin said...

Oh, and thank you for saying I'm fabulous. How nice of you. :)

We had such a great time with you on the cruise. It was like no time had even passed, and it was just you two silly girls agin. (I'm still feeling very miserable that you didn't get to do what you'd been looking forward to in Victoria! PLEASE make a trip up and go with Allison.)

You and Alli were so cool and had so much fun that not only did everyone want to be around you, everyone wanted to BE you.

Michelle said...

Yes, I agree I need to revisit Alli and go to Victoria, don't feel miserable Kris!

Yes, we have had a remarkable friendship, I'm lucky.

The gay bar with Paul and Mike, to go dancing I couldn't remember where we were going in our finery!

Ashley said...

Oh I loved seeing these pictures!! I have seen most of them before, but a few I had not. You two are so great- I love hearing about the old stories... and Kristin- is the Umbrella Tree story the one where Allison got her hair stuck in the tree and peed on Michelle?

And I also enjoyed hearing about the belly button filters... and "NFFD"...
you two are hilarious.

And I appreciate the bathtub picture- we were cute little girls...

Erica said...

I love mom/Allison stories. Many a time I have requested them from my mother. And thank you Allison for making my mom even funnier when you are around.

Favorite picture is the river reeds. Pure eighties. You both look beautiful on the cruise!

Another favorite story: when you two got your classmates to bring weird objects into class, telling them it was a school project. I believe toilet paper and an umbrella were involved?

PS I knew it was only a matter of time before a "me in the bath" picture made it to the blog. But I must agree wth Ashley we were dang cute.

Michelle said...

YES, Erica, that was the best story ever! We called our classmates from History (pretending to be the teacher's wife) and told them to bring object to class for a Hitler project. When they came to class carrying potatoes, umbrellas, pillows....I thought Allison were going to wet our pants. We were the teacher's pet so we didn't get into trouble ...:O)

Ashley said...

LOL! I completely forgot about that story. Yes, that is definitely one of my favorites.

And what was the one about the vegetable/fruit dance? "Asparagus"... "Kumquat"...

I think it is so awesome that you and my mom have maintained such a great friendship over the years. I was actually just talking to her about it the other night- how it is SO rare to have a really good friend who has known you for so long... that you can go without months, even years, without seeing them, and then when you see each other it's like no time has passed. Someone who you know you can completely be yourself around- let go of everything and just be crazy with.

Sorry to get all cheesy on you, but I know how amazing it is to have a friend like that, so - thanks for being that friend for my mom :)

Chris said...

Yes, Michelle, you and Allison are two peas in a pod. I worshipped you guys. You two were pure 70's (and apparently 80's) goddesses.

Anonymous said...

I am DYING at the Hitler project story!! I can see you now Michelle going into a laughing rage trying to contain yourself. Honestly Michelle you HAVEN'T aged a bit! I was looking at the picture of 1986 and aside from some more sophisticated clothing and gold jewelry you look absolutely the same.


Michelle said...

Ashley, thank you for your sweet comments, Alli and I are both so lucky to have beautiful, wonderful daughters.

Malia, glad you enjoyed the story, it's what inspired me to have Cody J. bring in balloons and pop to his English teacher. I don't know how Erica kept a straight face all during class.

Allicat said...

I loved the Hitler project too... that was one of my all time favorites. We literally DID fall on the floor laughing - and my favorite response was from the teacher, Mr. Ludlow.

All the students (who brought items) were glaring at us (the others were laughing)... but Ludlow just shook his head, laughed, and said "If you guys were dumb enough to believe it..... well...."

That made those kids hate us even more LOL.....

What I love, Michelle, is how EVERYTHING is funny when we're together. We could look at a peach and burst into laughter.

Remember the man fighting with me over the sacrament tray???

Michelle said...

How could I forget the sacrament tray...I'm laughing right now thinking about your tug of war, he wouldn't let go! I think we had to leave the chapel.

Ludlow LOVED us.

allicat said...

Also, Michelle and I do mean impressions of food:

She is the noodly spaghetti and I am the bubbling sauce.

I am the cob of corn and she is the butter.

LOL... I wish we had some of that on video from our youth.....

PA-lurker said...

I am SO sorry that it's taken me this long to respond. I am completely honored to be a small part of the Allison homage. Thank you Michelle. And yes, I concur that Allison is deserving of adulation. I was so drawn to both of you. And I wanted to date Michelle AND Allison at the same time for one great big LAUGH FEST.

I just wet my pants at work reading the Hitler story. It made my love for you swell indescribably.

Michelle, I really need a copy of that Gay Monopoly picture. That is an integral part of my pre-gay life. Ah the power of repression!

Thank you for keeping me in laughter. Both of you! I dream about someday horning in on another Michelle-Allison adventure, like I've always done. You two are the bedrock of funny and I worship at your foundation.

Michelle said...

Hello Mike!

I have wet my pants with many a comment from you.

I think you can just cut/copy the picture right from my blog.

I miss all of us being together.

Allison said...

I have shared the Umbrella Tree story over on my SilenceOfTheClams.com blog..... enjoy

Anonymous said...

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