It's raining men - Hallejulah

I thought it would be fun to take a trip down testosterone lane. Here you will find my first crushes and then some. I don't want to hear any negative comments about any of my men, leave them be, I know they have all run into some rough spots, but I don't care, so shut it.

Ahhh Donny. My girlfriend would tape his picture to her face so I could pretend to dance with Donny, I think I was 12.

I danced in my cousins living room to the velvet voice of Bobby. I wanted to have his children and comb his hair.

Travolta before the Scientology, bad hair piece and Oprah gigolo was the shite. I was mesmerized with his hips in Grease/SatNightFever. Here he is in Urban Cowboy looking very un-cowboyish.

Harrison my love. Han Solo, Lost Ark Raider, I wanted to lick all his wounds clean for him. Why are you with Olive Oyl anyway?

I think I saw this movie 5 times. I would have worked extra secretary hours at the Joseph Smith Building just to hire this particular gigolo.

I loved this Mad Max. Mel is still hot, even if he does rant drunk against Jews, I have forgiven him.

Where has this man been hiding? He is hands down the roughest, toughest, badassed 007 yet. Just look at him, you might need to view him like an eclipse through a small pin hole, careful, he has burned my retina's before. A shout out to Malia for my Christmas present, a picture book of this God.

...and the best for last. Chris and I recently discussed Owen via cellphone for 45 minutes. Watch for him in the trailer for "Elizabeth" he never disappoints. I would like to caress his body with perfumed oils.


Anonymous said...

I am beyond words at the Clive pictures alone. There are all the other men in the universe. And then there is Clive. THOSE EYES!

I loved John T. during his hotttt disco era, I don't care what anyone else says, it's like the music was made for him to dance to. He was a God. And Mel and Harrison used to be hot too. Now they are are old, pathetic and/or angry. I'll leave Donny and Bobby alone.

-Sister Sledge

Michelle said...

Chris I knew you would love the Clive pics. I wanted to be Sandy to John T's Danny.

Erica said...

LOL thank you. This is perfect. Of course I can only agree with your last two, and I have no idea who this Bobby character is. PS, There is a movie called The Invasion coming out with Nicole Kidman and our love Daniel. They're also starring in The Golden Compass. What the crap.

And Clive. CLIVE. I just. No words. I love him. LOVE HIM.

Michelle said...

I want Daniel to stay 007 fit for all his movies. I have not heard of this Invasion, I will look it up immediately.

Bobby Sherman was bubble gum pop, sorta like one of the Hansons.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to comment on Daniel Craig. That body should be illegal, he is so amazing. And a great actor on top of that hawt bod. What is it with these British men???


Allicat said...

I think the only one that wouldn't make a list of mine is John Travolta. I could never get past his charachter from "Welcome Back Kotter"... he was a total airhead - a complete turn off for me. John was never able to rise above it enough in future roles for me to find him remotely attractive.

Going back to the earliest years, even before Donny... my first two crushes were Davey Jones from the Monkeys.... and.... Johnny Quest.

Yes, my first crush was a cartoon character.


Allicat said...

I'd also have to add the following to my list....

Richard Page from Mr. Mister (chalk that mystery up to escapism from a very lonely marriage)
Pierce Brosnan
Brad Pitt
Karl Malone's shoulders

and the yummy Mark Harmon(NCIS anyone?)

call me said...

I too LOVE Daniel Craig, and that's all I will say.

Michelle said...

Yes Davy Jones! lol to a crush on a cartoon character.

Malia you can expound on Daniel Craig...your husband won't care.

Anonymous said...

Allison, I had a thing for Johnny Quest also. Totally.

And I loved John T. on Welcome Back Kotter, he was a sexy idiot. Hey, I was like 9.


Anonymous said...

Michelle, I like this one a lot better! The chairs are great!

Milly Vanilly

Allicat said...

Michelle - do you remember when we actually got to MEET Donny? When he looked at me and said, "Have we met before?" I blushed and said "No... " I really wish had not fought my inner impulse to burst into song... there was a specific song playing in my head - it would be such a better story if I actually HAD launched into "I've seen that smile somewhere before....."

Michelle said...

yes I remember that incident because I was so JEALOUS that he singled you out!

I wish you would have broken out into song...