Mr. Everything

I would like to introduce you to my husband Tim, aka Lt. Badass.
Here he is in 5A high school where he was a little thing called, player of the year.
Tom Cruise? No this is my husband playing football for GCC.
Here he is surviving on sand and cactus juice because he was a Jarhead, a Devildog, a Marine.
Tim 29 Palms
Now he wears these on his chest. He still holds the record at the Police Academy for most push-ups done in a minute, suck on that Cruise.
He uses this Glock to kick ass and take names.011
He serenades me with easy pieces, here is his current one, Rachmaninoff.
Here he is playing Solitaire, relaxing, after a tough day of stomping the lungs out of bad guys.
Ya, that's right I sleep with 911. Love you baby.


Erica said...

Timothy is very accomplished. Zach is quite mesmerized by his Marine days.

Now I must request that you must expound on some of his "quirks" Mostly the ones that relate to the fact that he should have been born in the 20s.

Anonymous said...

Yeah yeah yeah, but let's see pics of his ice cream ritual every night.


Anonymous said...

Maybe he WAS born in the 20's.... died an early death and has come back in his new life already, confused about the decade??? : )


Michelle said...

There will be a part II. I couldn't cover everything, so I opted to save the best for last. Hankerchiefs, ice cream, ritual boot polishing...

Alli, you might have a point.

acaseofcot said...

you are well suited for each other michelle. Now get him to do a blog so we can hear all about you.

Michelle said...

LOL, we will leave the blogging to me. Tim is busy trying to decide when he will start his doctorate.

Vonda said...

Michelle, what a great post! I check your blog (knowing your the mother of "The Worlds Best Blogger") Ive never met Tim, but he does sound amazing. My favorite out of all his accomplishments is the piano playing skills - Im lucky to get a hum that is on key from Bill:)

Michelle said...

Vonda seriously, the man is multi-talented, not only does he play the piano he has a beautiful voice too.

Kristal said...

Um, Vonda, I have to jump in here really quick and admit that everyone I know is in love, loves, and wants to be Bill, so he must be hiding his lack of musical talents pretty well.