Good-bye Dad, for now.

Dear Dad,
I will miss you.
I will miss your whistle as you came through my front door, I will miss your wisdom that has navigated me through life, I will miss our long phone conversations, I will miss your arm around my shoulder.
If you were sitting beside me right now, I would hold your hand and look into your warm eyes and tell you: "You are the greatest man I will ever know."


Anonymous said...

That was super sweet Michelle. I have been going to write about Dad on my blog but just can't. Still too emotionally draining.

Love you, big sis. I could NOT have gotten through that week without you. How do you feel now that you are let lose with the other hostages? (lol)


Michelle said...

I feel like I need to take a deep breath. I am still emotional, yet know I'm getting better each day. I still have moments that hit hard and during this year of 1st's (i.e. 1st Christmas without Dad) it is going to be rough.

lol to the hostage situation.

I would NE--VER have survived that week without you! Also, Erica thanks for basically holding my hand and taking charge of the things that needed to get done on the day that dad died.

Allicat said...

I'm so glad you both had each other this past week. And happy to see you kept your sense of humor... sometimes humor is the only thing that gets us through situations like this.

Wish I could have been there to help.

Love you,

Michelle said...

I wish you would have been there too.

call me said...

I remember sitting in your Mom and Dad's kitchen eating KFC, laughing hysterically and being in the midst of the greatest company. He had a sweetness about him that was so geniune and a perfection that made me want to answer all the questions right. I sure love your family and wish you and them the best at this time.

Erica said...

Mom that was very sweet, we're all going to miss him so much.

Kristin said...

I'm so sorry about your dad, Michelle. I'm sure you guys will miss him. He was cool. We was, by far, the coolest bishop in the Cottonwood 11th ward (we were in the in the 11th ward, weren't we? It was all so long ago). And he tolerated Allison and the bellybutton filters so well that he must have been a great man...