People/Products/Ideas that never quite panned out

Jay McGraw's "Renovate My Family"

"The Gayle King Show"

The Yugo

Aerosol Toothpaste

The Poncho

Justin Guarini's screen career

JC Chavez' solo career


Garlic Cake in a jar

and last but certainly not least:
Zach and Chad's "Mobile Car Wash"


Anonymous said...

I saw a David Letterman once where he stuck a "screw yourself" sticker right after the "Yugo" insignia on a Yugo. That's all I remember of those cars. I've never heard of Garlic Cake (yummy) or Dunkleman???? And I KNOW Chad and Zach have a better chance of success than Justin!! C'mon you guys!


Michelle said...

Dunkleman was the first co-host of American Idol along with gay Seacrest! They dumped Dunkleman and kept Ryan.

call me said...

Lol, the car wash business. There was too much press on that one. Next time they've gotta lay low and let the business sell itself.

Erica said...

LOL this is a great post. Zach and I were just talking about Dunkleman! He probably has a Ryan Seacrest voodoo doll that he stabs each night.

Now Zach has to comment on your blog, you insulted "Precise Car Wash" Total profits: $60.

Michelle said...

I give them props for even coming up with the idea, the last idea I had was putting an indoor/outdoor mat underneath Fatness litter box to catch the errant litter flying through the air.

Erica said...

Which is brilliant.

acaseofcot said...

michelle i'm so glad that you didn't fail to mention the car wash..........LOL! I don't think their business fantasies are at bay....stay tuned for these entrepreneurs.