Christmas Joy

Happy Holidays. I have no presents wrapped, no outside lights up, no Christmas cards sent and I've eaten my weight in tamales. Also, is it odd that my husband has an obsession with those awful Hallmark Holiday movies? Last night he watched 3 in a row. It's ridiculous.

When I get stressed I simply watch a Maru video. I would sell my soul to the Kardashian's if it meant I could own this cat.

How is your holiday progressing?


Ashley Rae said...

Why, Tim? WHY must you watch those horrible movies? ... *sigh. I'm sorry.

And Maru is the most perfect creature I have ever seen. I think you should go ahead and sell that soul of yours for the kitty. It would be totally worth it.

Allicat said...

I'm so glad to read that I'm not the only one who is holiday delinquent. I did finally hang up a garland on my mantle with some of my favorite ornaments, but that's as festive as I'm going to get.

I alternate between feeling stressed and just not worrying about it.

It's easy to get sucked into those Holiday Hallmark movies but I have, so far, avoided them.... does Tim have a favorite? One he'd recommend as a "not to be missed?" :)

And thank you for the Maru video. I laughed out loud through most of it - he's just so perfectly ridiculous. You two belong together.

Chris said...

We haven't done any cards yet, either. We didn't last year, so I feel like I need to kick in gear soon. :/ You sounds like I did last year, I just wasn't into it at all. But this year you have the best gift ever.....IVYYYY.

Anonymous said...

Tell Tim I watched The 12 Dates of Christmas yesterday which is an original Lifetime movie. Not only did I watch it, I recorded it and watched it. Meaning I can't just use the excuse that nothing was on. It was terrible and I loved it.


Michelle said...

Lol! Erica after you told Tim about that movie, he went right home and DVR'd it!

Allicat Tim doesn't have a favorite, there are just too many.

Ivy girl is the BEST gift.

Kristin said...

We all need a Maru in our lives.

Your tree is lovely.

I am also way behind in my holiday tasks.

I must go now, and try to be productive.

Ivy is a doll.

Allicat said...

Tell Tim I got sucked into "A Christmas Wish" tonight. It was ridiculous and I can't believe I stayed up til 2:15am to finish watching it.

Michelle said...

Alli, Tim will be so proud!

Those silly movies do suck you in.

Allicat said...

I'm ready for another blog update.