Cat Cafe

"The staff also tries to enhance the experience by strapping 'cat hats' on their heads or showing cat tricks."

Here is just another example of why Asians are brilliant and we are dumb. For a mere $10 you get 15 minutes and a choice of 14 felines to play with. They only ask that you remove your shoes and wash your hands.

Oh Cat Cafe with your kitty inspired area rugs, how I love thee.

Who would like to join me in financing one of these cafes?


allicat said...

The Japanese are indeed brilliant. You definitely should be the owner of an offshoot.

What will you call your kitty cafe?

Sadly, I have developed allergies to kitties and can't spend much time playing with them anymore :(

Kristin said...

There are so many great things they do over there in Japan that would probably never fly here. Why is that?

Chris said...

I am going to grab that fat gray cat and run out the door with him.

I'll bet we could open one of these in Scottsdale or Paradise Valley. Check on it, Michelle. :)

Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

How about "Fatty's Tea Room?" We will serve feline inspired tea and crumpets. I need more cats to fill it with.

I have no idea why the Japanese make us look like blithering idiots, but they do.

Ashley Rae said...

Indeed. They are very brilliant over there in JApan.

Fatty's Tea Room is an excellent idea. It will make millions.

Erica said...

I just get mad when I read articles like this one because I do not have access to establishments such as these.

Michelle said...

I agree, the Japanese are taunting us with cat cafe's. Such cruelty.