A Sad Tale

I was watering my flowers a few days ago when I noticed a big fat pigeon a few feet away from me giving me the stink eye. I tried to "shoo" him away but he wouldn't leave! Later when I told my stepson about a pigeon that wouldn't leave he told me the bird was maimed and that he liked to be held and petted.

I went back outside and took a picture of the poor thing:

The next day (feeling a leetle guilty) I went outside to give him some breadcrumbs, only I was met with this:

I guess a cat got him.

Let this be a lesson to you other trespassers.


Chris said...

Poor fatty pigeon! Was that Fatness' work, being a fierce predator??

allicat said...

This is a sad, sad tale....

I found a dead sparrow on my patio a couple of weeks ago - left there by the local cat who thinks the grass under my bird feeder is his personal hunting ground.

Ashley Rae said...

Oh sad!! What a poor little bird :(