A Day of Sween

I picked the Sweener up early last Tuesday morning, an "L" with my name on it was awaiting me at the front door.


We began with the helicopter ride.


Followed with the "play place" where Sween ruled with 2 stuffed kittens. Here is "brown kitten" that might have been used to taunt the other children.



We took a much needed Wetzel Pretzel break.


Kritten Time. We might have spent the better part of 45 minutes playing with Burmese Siamese loverrrs.




Two carousel rides. We decided pink pony was the prettiest.


Many coins were tossed into the fountain. I told her to make a wish and then I asked her what it was, she said "for this day to last forever." My heart melted.



I love you Camille Kay!


Allicat said...

That wish of hers was so, so sweet. What a fun day for you to enjoy and remember.

Sween look so much like her mamma!

Ashley Rae said...

What a SWEET darling girl. She loves her aunt Michelle. For good reasons :)

Chris said...

She had so much fun with you, I'm surprised you ever got her to come home! You are a great aunt to my babies. Love you.

Erica said...

I am very jealous of this day. I want a day of Sween!! All these pictures are so cute.

Kristin said...

She's darling. It's so fun that you can spend days together like this!

Malia said...

Oh my gosh, I died at what she said her wish was! You're such a fun aunt, and Sween is hilarious.

Can we talk about the amazing hair of that little girl? She has so much static in her hair, lol.

Michelle said...

Yes we can talk about it..lol.