This is Halloween This is Halloween

October 2 + 106 degrees = Phoenix Sucks.

The only solution is to decorate for Halloween and pretend there are crisp fall leaves outside and blustery cool breezes. Like Caca said "I try to pretend it isn't hot and then I give up."

I just use a lot of profanity and a lot of air conditioning, but either way it's my favorite time of the year.

Here are my new witches.



Erica threw this little pumpkin arrangement together for me.




Happy Haunting.


allicat said...

What a fantastical celebration of all that is spooky and autumny. I love it. Especially how you balance quirky and clever with class and elegance. You have a gift.

The new witches are fabulous - but those crows really set the scene.

Almost makes you forget you're living in Phoenix, gateway to Hell... : )

Chris said...

You have tons of new decorations. I want them.

Malia said...

Love all of the fall decor! I think Erica and I decided long ago that there isn't anything better than children in costume.

Ashley Rae said...

Those witches are great! I love all of your decorations.

Children in costumes are quite fun... I love dressing Kennedy up :)

Kristin said...

You have such wonderful decorations. I love all of them. I guess we should get into our boxes and haul our decorations out. I wish mine were as cute and classy as yours.