Party Full of Krittens

This year I asked that everyone come as a cat or a version of a cat, I was met with no arguments. Here is a sampling:

The Purrr-manator.

The Meow-asauruses and a Utah Ute Kitty.

Hufflepurr and Kittendor

I was an Alley-cat (that is trash glued to me) or as Mike said "you look like Recycle Cat"

Chris was a very cute Hairy Potter, Sween a Fairy Cat, Abby a Black cat and her friend a Cleopatra Cat.

We played a mummy game. Object: wrap your mummy the fastest, Griffin won and became very dizzy, Zach was more concerned with making sure Erica's face was well wrapped and took his time or as he said "slow and steady wins the race" well it didn't this time.

Pumpkin carving.

Surprisingly, the one throwing up is Griffin's creation.

One very tired kitty.

Happy Halloween!


Erica said...

Correction: I believe Chris was Harry Pawtter. And I was Meow-asaurus, Zach was Veloci-puss.

Verra fun party. Great food, great decorations, great people.

Chris said...

You cannot get any better than a room full of people dressed up as kitty cats. And not one bit ashamed.

I loved your decorations, esp the backyard ghosties and floating pool lights. And we saw a "UFO"!

What a fun night.

Kristin said...

This looks like a lot of fun. :) I am glad you all get together and do such silly things. Wish we were there to see it all.

allicat said...

Were you an Ally Cat in my honor?

One of these years I just have to attend one of your parties....

Malia said...

Slow and steady wins the race, Lol, I love Zach

Your party looked amazing! I would have come as fatness and layed on the couch glaring at guests and demanding more carmel apples and massages.

Michelle said...

Yes Alli, in your honor.