Eclipse Thoughts

1. The Wolves were still chubby, Erica still hid her eyes.
2. An ice cube has more facial expression than Jasper.
3. Edward was hunklicious. (Chris kept moaning the entire movie)
4. The new Victoria held her own.
5. The climatic kiss between Bella/Jacob was anti-climatic.
6. Carlisle was using a weird affected accent in all of his scenes.
7. Edward was licklicious.
8. Someone please tell Dakota Fanning she can't do "Volturi."
9. The make-out scene was good.
10. Edward had a lot of dreamy close ups. "Look at his JAW." --Erica Young.


Erica said...

Seriously Edward, you've never looked so good. Call me.

Chris said...

I'm surprised you could hear any of my moaning over yours and Caca's. I actually liked Jasper's character if it weren't for that HAIRRRR.

allicat said...

LOL... Kristin and I went to this tonight. I still think Edward was miscast. I loved him him the book, but not so much in the movie.

Jake was a stud, though I am still team Edward.

The entire Cullen clan looked like they were trying out for Breck or Clairol commercials.

There was a lot of kissing in this movie.

But I liked it.

Except Dakota Fanning. You've got to be kidding.... you're right, Michelle - she can't to "Volturi."

Michelle said...

Alli-cat, glad to hear you are as equally annoyed with Dakota Fanning attempting her scary look...as I am. lol.

EEK said...


Ashley Rae said...

Hm... I still need to go see it. Although I agree with my mom about Edward. I've never been in love with him in the movie. Book only. Edward in my brain is much better looking than Edward on screen.

And I will have low expectations of Dakota Fanning. Maybe that way I won't be disappointed.