Eclipse Premier

Tomorrow evening we will be seeing an early viewing of the highly anticipated "Eclipse."

Caca has already worked herself into a lather about whether the Werewolves and their flabby bellies/non-existent muscles will make another showing. She covers her eyes during any shirtless scene.

I would be happy if they could just get Jasper's hair right. Here he is looking like Natalie Portman.

I would even be happier if they just would have chosen an actor with natural blonde hair for Carlisle. This looks like an ad for Lady Clairol.

Maybe I have spent many hours in conversation discussing the bad wigs and hair color with Erica and Chris.


Erica said...

The wolves and their bad bodies make me angry. Especially when I read quotes from them in interviews talking about their "rigorous" work out schedules.

lol lady clairol.

Chris said...

Ok, seriously, I know these vampires are trying to "integrate" with society, but how could they with platinum hair and weird contacts. Yeah, they BLEND. Those actors look so much better with their natural hair color.

A couple of those wolves have man-boobs that make me furious.

We may bag on the movies, but here we are, shelling out the dough to go to the early premiere. lol

Giles Fam said...

LOVE it! and I completely agree. the vampires are supposed to be absolutely beautiful to look at---not so much. Have fun at your premiere. I'm so jealous!


allicat said...

How I wish I were there to join you for this momentous and memorable event. Though you'd have to place me in an air conditioned bubble to get me from the house to the car, and the car to the theatre.....

Ashley Rae said...

Lady Clairol? LOL... I love it. But yeah. Jasper is just annoying. His hair is absolutely awful.

Those werewolf bodies are supposed to be amazing? Because they're totally disappointing.

Malia said...

Lol Lol

allicat said...

Well?? How was it?