Sea World

I prefer Sea World to Disneyland for 2 reasons, it's not crowded and I can feed the barking seals.

Here I am right after a seagull had taken out part of my skull trying to get my fish. A very loud impatient seal was waiting for his snack.

A very brave kitten getting ready to jump into the arms of his trainer, I don't think Fatness would do this.
Yet another brave kritten.

Look at his paws!

These 2 delightful children would not move, they were completely hogging the dolphin interaction. The dolphins were swimming right up to their hands and allowing them to rub their noses. I was very frustrated.

By the time those children moved, the dolphins were no longer interested. I flicked my fingers for several minutes trying to make them come to me. They just kept shooting by, taunting me.

Don't waste your time with the highly advertised show "Blue Horizons" this set is more interesting than the show which consists of a few dolphins waving their fins and a lot of high wire acrobatics in bad costumes.

I always enjoy the tide pools, right up until I turn over the starfish.

Tim wasn't too thrilled that I dragged him into the aquariums, probably because it was filled with hideous fish.

Shamu was in fine form. I was disappointed that the trainers do not swim with the killer whales anymore, for obvious reasons. They do a lot of standing next to them though.

We returned to my car with this seagull on my roof.


San Diego was beautiful as always and we had a very relaxing time...right up until the 5.7 earthquake that rocked our 11th story hotel room. Glad it happened at the end of our vacation because I made Tim drive us home that night.


Chris said...

That is so funny they have a cat show at Sea World now. There needs to be a Cat World...c'mon.
That is sad that no one swims with the Shamu's anymore...but still fun to watch--you guys didn't sit in the splash rows???
I want a sea lion and a polar bear in my back yard. Monty would love the company.
Also glad no earthquakes swallowed you up!

allicat said...

I was thinking the same thing, Chris. Cat World. Perhaps you, Michelle and Erica could create and run the place : )

Looks like a glorious time....

Erica said...

That polar bear is smiling at you!

Michelle said...

The show is called Pets Rule and it has a pig and doggies too. The dogs and cats are all from shelters!

Ashley Rae said...

A cat show at Sea World? lol.. that is adorable. I love water animals... the dolphins and killer whales are beautiful. And aren't sea lions some of the cutest creatures ever? Yes, they are.

Glad the weather and everything was beautiful (besides the earthquake).