The Coop

Typically Erica and I on any given afternoon are discussing nuclear fission or macrobiotics but on this particular day we were discussing a movie star, weird, I know. Bradly lover Cooper:

Here is a portion of that intelligent conversation:

I've moved on. It's all about bradley cooper now. did you see him with his shirt off in his new trailer
me: good lord above
ericayoung08@gmail.com: lol
me: it went by way too fast
ericayoung08@gmail.com: i know! I was like can I get a pause
me: all wasted on squinty eyes too
they'll break up
me: yes
she's all "I'm shopping with your mother"
ericayoung08@gmail.com:and bradley cooper is funny. i saw him on Chelsea Handler
he was hilarious
me: he is HIGH-larious, he is basically the perfect male
I love him
ericayoung08@gmail.com:me too. he is short though
but that's okay
me: he is?? are you sure
ericayoung08@gmail.com:he's not much taller than renee
me: that's not true!
ericayoung08@gmail.com: i'll look it up
me: yes please do
ericayoung08@gmail.com: oh he's 6'1" !
me: see!!
ericayoung08@gmail.com:why did i think he was short
well hello bradley.
me: I have no idea
remember him in that black suit in the hotel room?
ericayoung08@gmail.com: oh yes.
he's 35
me: he is love
so gorgeous
ericayoung08@gmail.com:Bradley Cooper graduated from the Honors English program at Georgetown University in 1997
me: WHAT? I can't take this...stop
and smart
ericayoung08@gmail.com: lol it gets better and better
he speaks french fluently!
according to IMDB
me: Well IMDB is a good source
ericayoung08@gmail.com:alrigh i'm outta here. i got distracted by bradley trivia
Sent at 4:50 PM on Monday


allicat said...

LOL, this conversation cracked me up. So glad you and Erica have this bond to share.

Bradly Cooper IS a hottie. I liked him in Alias.

Kristin said...

Yum. That's all I have to say.

Erica said...

lol we sound really ridiculous. But if loving Bradley Cooper is wrong, I don't want to be right.

Chris said...

WHY am I not in on this conversation? I knew he was tall and smart already. Sigh. You guys suck.

He needs to ditch Renee stat. She always looks like she just woke up.

Michelle said...

Because you are NEVER on Gmail!

Luckily Caca's workplace allows for her to keep her Gmail on at all times.

Malia said...

Lol, that picture is amazing. And with shorts that short why wear any at all?

I'm just saying.

Ashley Rae said...

Hahaha! I love this conversation. You two are hilarious.

And he is absolutely gorgeous. And those blue eyes? Mmmm. He and I would make beautiful children.

Anonymous said...

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