Another amazing header by one Ms. Allicat Hays. She could probably make these in her sleep she is so talented.

I probably should discuss Bill 1070 that was just signed into law by our Governor yesterday, but I don't feel like it.

I have been rather slothful of late. If I could I would wear my "house pants" all day long, watch HGTV, read horrible pop culture magazines, eat macaroni & cheese and write love emails to Jon Stewart. Wait, I already do 3 or more of those.

More often than not I find myself perusing TJ Maxx buying ridiculous things like another purse I don't need or pajamas teetering towards grandma wear. I haven't brushed Fatness in weeks or made my bed properly in a month. The other night I prepared onion dip for dinner.

I have really considered the need to begin exercising, but I just can't squeeze it in with all the pretend harvesting and pretend food serving I need to do in Farmville and Restaurant City. I even went so far as getting my old transcripts from BYU to see how many more hours I needed to graduate, not many as it turned out. But when I discovered I needed 16 hours of Spanish to graduate I said "eff that".

So I will continue my path of slothfulness. Making sure my Netflix list is updated, my DVR is set correctly, my US Magazine is read promptly and my addiction to Hot Tamales stays on course.

My only goals right now are to watch the new "Friday Night Lights" episodes and count off the days until "Mad Men" starts.

Anyone else being a sloth?


allicat said...

I am doing my best to not be slothful, but find that instead of taking care of the things at the top of my to do list (ie those most important things to do) I distract myself by making headers for Michelle. (glad you like it)

Or happily discovering new episodes or Dr. Who on the BBC via my dvr.

But the weather is getting lovely so it might just be time to get back in the habit of walking every day. Or start up yoga again.

I just thank god I haven't been sucked into Farmville and Restaurant City or I'd get NOTHING done....

EEK said...

House Pants = Pajamas

The difference between street clothes and pajamas is a bra.

I am the Queen of Slothdom!

allicat said...

LOL to the bra. Yes - that's the first thing I take off when I get home. I HATE wearing a bra!

Chris said...

You KNOW I am your first mate in slothville. Can I read some of your letters to Jon Stewart?

Erica said...

I want that baby sloth to be my pet.

Your slothful ways sound like they require a lot of upkeep. Farmville and Restaurant City alone are a lot of work. And I know your DVR schedule takes a lot of planning and commitment.

So really you are not a sloth, you are a hard working employee of leisure.

Kristin said...

LOL to Erica's observation.

Craig & I have started watching the first season of Mad Men, but I am having a hard time getting really engaged. I think we are about 7 episodes in, but I still don't care about the characters yet (well, maybe Betty), I don't like any of them, and dislike a number of them... Anyone expect this to change? Or are Mad Men just not for me?

Malia said...

A majority of my Saturday was spent cuddled up in my bed sleeping.

So I raise a glass to your slothfulness and say, I'll raise you.

Chris said...

Kristin, it sounds like Mad Men might not be a fit for you, my husband and I were hooked immediately by the talent of everyone involved. You have to leave any and all notions of morality (and rules about drinking and smoking) aside and just enjoy how every character on the whole show is completely screwed up. Betty is the only character I have never liked at all, so our viewing experiences sound quite different. :) I don't know, you may still warm up to it, who knows? Keep us posted, we are all MM fanatics around here.

Ashley Rae said...

Oh what a wonderful header. My mother is overflowing with talent.

I think everyone could stand to be a little more slothful at times. I wish I had more time to be slothful. I would do it all. the. time.

allicat said...

Michelle, please post your love letters to Jon Stewart.

Michelle said...

lol to all of you sloths.

My love letters are to be kept private, between Jon and I.