Happy Tuesday


My beautiful.

Orchid Tree.


allicat said...

That is simply glorious. Is it fragrant as well as offering delicious eye candy?

Kristin said...

Ooooh!!! Beautiful!!

The view out my window right now is of a bunch of construction workers (8)who are supposed to be paving the alley in front of my house, but basically are standing around watching one guy do something. However, a finished alley will be a happy site, since it will mean I no longer am driving through mud puddles.

Your tree is still better.

Michelle said...

Yes it is amazingly fragrant, almost a honey-suckle smell but not quite so sweet. It has humming birds in it as well.

Glad to hear the alley will be paved, looking forward to pictures of the new house!

Ashley Rae said...


That is amazing. SO very beautiful. I'm so glad it's nice and fragrant and that it attracts humming birds :)

The view out my back window is dirt (torn up for sprinklers), but my gorgeous flowering plum is in bloom!

Chris said...

That tree is magical and comes straight from Narnia.

Michelle said...

Chris, lol.