Phoenix is beautiful right now, three months from now not so much but right now my grass is green and happy.

My geraniums are very pink. They are tired of Erica kicking them every time she walks by. "Why don't my flowers look like yours?" she screams at their poor pink heads.

Mr. Palm tree always looks this regal, he doesn't mind summer. I love looking up at him.

Very happy potted plants. Geraniums and Pansies. I love my pool in the spring because it's easy to keep clean, which really means I never actually clean it.

My very favorite thing are these sweet fellows, orange blossoms. They have popped open since I took this picture and their scent is amazing, especially in the evenings.

I hope you all are enjoying Spring.


Chris said...

I am enjoying Spring. It's gorgeous right now!

Your yard is the garden of eden.

Erica said...

And I'll kick them again next time I'm over.

Ashley Rae said...

Spring? What is this "spring" you speak of? It is very unfamiliar to me. This morning I woke up to snow.

I want your palm tree. And your swimming pool. And your 75-80 degree weather. And I promise I would NEVER kick your geraniums. It is an abomination, and Erica just might be going to meet Satan, for that one.

Chris said...

Poor pink lover flowers taking the brunt of Caca's anger! Caca plant your flowers in your back yard, there is more sun there. You are sillo.

Michelle said...

Ashley, you should be living in California or Washington or Arizona, anywhere but frigid Utah.

Caca is very sillo.

Ashley Rae said...

I know. I really should be living somewhere other than this turrible place. It's too cold. My plants don't like it. And neither do I.

Washington may be in the works, in the next few years... we shall see. Maybe I can talk Justin into Cali or AZ. I'd be happy with anyplace warmer than here. :)

Kristin said...

How very lovely. It looks nothing like that here in Bellingham right now. Very rainy at the moment. But it's not the desert!

allicat said...

Your yard is wonderful. It is inspiring me to spend some time in mine... once the rain stops.