More Birthday

On Saturday my posse arrived at my house loaded down with gifts, a cake and a Hello Kitty balloon, yes it was my post birthday celebration.

There was lunch and shopping.

..and a lot of laughing and a lot of important discussions about R. Pattinson's hair. Then we watched "New Moon" and yelled at the tv whenever the scrawny wolves and their pot bellies and lack of muscle showed themselves. Erica covered her eyes during the 'eating muffins scene' she couldn't take it.

Thanks girlies for a perfect Saturday.

You spoil me and I love you for it.


Erica said...

GRR the wolves are horrible. Horrible. I was telling my co-workers how much I hated the casting choices and I was so angry I could barely explain myself.

I should clarify all the gifts and cake were from Chris and I rode her coat tails.

Fun day girlies, can't wait for our next one.

Ashley Rae said...

Hello Kitty? lol. Love it.

You ladies crack me up. Haha

Chris said...

That was a fun day, and I won't even discuss those wolves (other than Jacob)with their pot bellies and man-boobs. Ugh. Watching a movie with you girls is so different than watching with anyone else. :D

I think you needed more Hello Kitty items to balance out the New Moon gifts.

Thank you SO MUCH for that shot of me from behind.

allicat said...

Looks like you girls had so much fun together. Wish I could have been there to join in with you.

The gift assortment was spectacular.

Malia said...

It looks like it was a fun celebration! And I appreciate not having an explanation for Hello Kitty, lol.