Stuff that happened today.

I don't like when Fatness gets really hairy, especially when he gets really hairy and wants to sleep on my nice living room sofa. So I devised a plan to keep him away from it. Kritten's hate the smell of citrus, so I peeled an orange and placed the peels along the top of my sofa as a repellent for Fatness. This afternoon this is what I saw.

Fatness was all "whatever bitch."

The highlight of my day was going to Home Depot with Sween and Chris. As we were pulling up into the parking lot Sween started yelling about some little car that she wanted to ride in. We had no idea what she meant until we saw the car-t. She was giggling and squirming with excitement when I lifted her in.

She is such a loves.


Chris said...

Sissy when are you going to realize that Fatness is not your usual feline. Of course citrus will not affect him.

Sween loved spending time with her Aunt Shell!! She would not rest until she could see you actually getting into your car, then she wanted to go right over to your house.

You should have come over today and watched 'Fame' with Abby and I.

Erica said...

lol you're always telling me about citrus related cat repellant schemes and they never work. I sprayed citrus smell everywhere when Pegs had claws and she was like "Mmm that smells good, I'm going to claw it."

Sween looks VERRA happy about her car-t. What a loves.

Ashley Rae said...

Fatness will do whatever he wants, apparently. Luckily he's beautiful, so he can get away with it.

Kennedy LOVES the car-ts. I hate them. They are huge and bulky and hard to move around. *sigh*... the things we do for kids.

allicat said...

I especially love how the photos in this post are color coordinated.

Notice how the orange slices in the portrait of Fatness match perfectly the color of Sween's cart.

You're eye for design is inspiring.

allicat said...

ok, "you're" starte out to be "you're an inspiration"... and then was changed to "your design...." but neglected to modify it completely....

I really do know the difference between and when to use your and you're

Michelle said...

lol, I know you do, above anything else Allicat knows her punctuation.