Evil Stuffed Animals

My dad gave my mom a huge stuffed tiger, that she adored. Cute you say? This tiger has terrorized all of us for years, it has always been perched in their condo guestroom on the bed. Every time I walked in there I would brace myself for the sinister eyes that would follow me.

Griffin stuffed it in the closet whenever he spent the night, I have been known to cover its head up with a towel. Erica didn't want to go near it. We begged my mom to just get rid of it.

During the packing up of my mom's condo last week, Chris made me take it home "put it on Griff's bed to welcome him home," she said with an evil glint in her eye. The tiger is now on Griffin's bed looking very unsettling. Every time I walk by Griffin's room the damn thing is staring at me, the other night when the lights were out and I walked by his room I could see the outline of his head and I about wet my pants.

I tried stuffing him in the closet, but even in there he terrifies me.

There should be a law against making sinister stuffed animals, they should call it the "Winnie The Pooh Law."

This is what I imagine the tiger does to the dimwitted Winnie when no one is home.

Anyone want a stuffed tiger?


Erica said...

lol lol. I didn't think the camera would be able to capture his sinister spirit - but indeed it did. He is absolutely terrifying. I was very glad you had to take it home and not me.

Chris said...

I am laughing and nearly wetting myself over this. You have, indeed, captured the essence of that villainous-looking tiger in those photos.

So why do MY kids love him so much?? They (and Mike, ???)asked me if I got 'the tiger' from Moms??

Poor Pooh! Save him!

Malia said...

LOL LOL, Michelle I'm dying. I think this is one of your funniest posts.

Ashley Rae said...

lol- that is hysterical. The tiger truly does look evil.

allicat said...

I'm somewhat alarmed that your dad gave this to your mom - and even more alarmed that she adored it. Did they have some sinister plot together to frighten the rest of you???

He is a very sinister looking tiger... evil exudes from him. Has he a name?

Can't wait to hear how the reunion between Grif and evil tiger goes....

Michelle said...

Lol I think they did have a sinister plot in mind. Yes, my mother loves that Tiger and he has no name, and deserves no name.

Griffin upon walking into his room, laughed when he saw Evil Tiger and then promptly threw him into another room.